Sunday 11 April 2021

Rose Cottage Boarding House Opening for Guests Soon.

Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine Terese have been busy getting the Boarding House ready for guests.

Becassine Terese has been very busy preparing food in the kitchen.

The main bedroom is ready with fresh sheets etc on the bed.

The children's room is ready, although one of the twins has been playing in there.

Poor Hitty Granny Estelle is exhausted and is putting her feet up for a few minutes before she puts on the finishing touches.

They are looking forward to seeing who might come and visit their island this Spring and Summer.


Saturday 10 April 2021

The Tea Rooms have reopened!

 After a very long hiatus, there is some good news about the Rose Cottage Tea Room.

It has reopened on the beautiful Isle of Wight! The proprietress Hitty Joyful is looking forward to Spring and Summer visitors.

The sign is at the door, fresh flowers are hanging on the wall and they are in business.

Hitty Joyful was delighted to have so many guests immediately she reopened.

Aha!  So this is where Hitty Phoebe got to...she sneaked off to have morning tea with a friend!

They delighted in having a wonderful morning tea with lovely goodies to eat.  Hitty Mary Jean especially got dressed up for the occasion.  

Hitty Joyful is hopeful she will get many new visitors to her tea room. 

The Rose Cottage Hittys Return!

 All has been silent with the Rose Cottage Hittys for over a year now, but hopefully no longer...

Their home is smaller, but they are making do until they can get something more suitable...

Hitty Patience and Hitty Ethel have already set up their areas - a library/writing area for Hitty Patience and sewing room for Hitty Ethel.  The 'Hicks' Hittys, Hitty Rimu, Hitty Phoebe and Hitty Moana are trying to work out just where to put things in a smaller area.

They seem to have done pretty well overall, although Hitty Phoebe seems to have disappeared while they were working.  Hitty Natalie Rose joins them and admires their work and has a sit down and chat with Hitty Rimu.  Hitty Annabelle is reading to one of the twins.  They are pretty sure Hitty Madge is going to be delighted with her art studio and hopes she will start painting again.

Work has also been going on in the Boarding House...keep an eye out for updates.

Tuesday 31 March 2020

New Dress for Hitty Madge

Hitty Madge got a new dress today which pleased her immensely as she said I haven't made her one 'for ages!'.  

She wore it out in the garden and pronounced it perfect for the sunny weather.

Monday 30 March 2020

Monday Blues

Hitty Madge and Hitty Morag spent some time exploring the garden looking for 'blues' on Monday.

No these are pink!

But these are blue 

They admire the blue flowers...

so pretty.

Then sit for a while chatting.

Beautiful Blue Monday flowers.

Tuesday 10 March 2020

Hitty Madge Explores

Hitty Madge enjoyed exploring her new surroundings during a walk yesterday afternoon.

She delighted in the primroses

Admired the twisting and turning of branches

and especially enjoyed sitting on a rock

looking out to sea.

Wednesday 22 January 2020

Hitty's 200th Birthday Party

Today is the day the Hittys around the world celebrate the original Hitty's 200th Birthday.

We took part in a birthday swap and are delighted to have received some wonderful gifts.

We have been very good and not opened the package until this morning.

Cute little envelope

Displaying the lovely card

The card shows our ancestor, the original Hitty.

A fabulous dress with roses on it.

Hitty Madge is hoping it will fit her.

On the table we have some treats and a pretty vase with flowers.

A lovely soft 'hugs and kisses' shrug

It fits!

Hitty Madge is delighted the dress fits her.  She has a fondness for Rose dresses and a number of years ago had a Dozen Rose Dresses (x2!) made for her for Valentines Day.

The girls are delighted to be able to take part in the World Wide Birthday Celebrations.

Showing off the dress and shrug.

The light isn't the best unfortunately.

Thank you to dear Susan for these wonderful gifts, we are so very grateful and love them all.


What we sent:

For our swap partner we sent this dress with reversible apron, and necklace.  Also sent a cup and saucer but forgot to photograph it!