Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Rose Cottage Tea Room - Open for the Summer

Having decanted the tea into suitable tea caddies, the Rose Cottage Tea Room is now open for business, even if the weather is confused about it being summer!

The girls enjoy meeting up for a good old natter.

Hitty Joyful is in her element, as she just loves running the Tea Room.

The sandwiches look delicious.

The tea is 'just perfect'.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Tea Cup Challenge Prize

Imagine our surprise when Hitty Madge won the Tea Cup Challenge.  A lovely little prize of tea arrived in the post and the Hittys are delighted with it.  They couldn't help but show another little tea set that they think is rather special.

Thank you to the Quimper Hittys for organising this challenge.  We really enjoyed it and also thoroughly enjoyed reading about other Hittys and their teacups and the fabulous pictures.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Tea Cups and Hitty Challenge

One of the fun things about the Hitty Girls group I belong to is they hold lots of challenges that you can join in if you want to.  I have missed a lot of late, but when I saw this one I thought it was definitely something I could do as I do have a lovely collection of teacups being an avid tea drinker!

For the Challenge we had to:

1.  Find a pretty human-sized teacup and saucer.
2. Make or find Hitty a matching outfit.
3. Arrange a scene to compliment the outfit and teacup.
4. Photography the scene and post it on the group.
5. We could add up to three different pictures.

My three are:

Hitty Madge is with one of my favourite teacups with matching teapot, which is just perfect for one person.  She is wearing a blue dress I made her.  The teapot is standing on a scented pot stand I made that when heated up lets off a soothing scent.  The little pot holder behind is one of a set of four that were made for me for a blog swap a number of years ago by a blogging friend in Australia.

This is another favourite teacup of mine with a matching plate and the same pot stand as shown on the previous photo.  Hitty Natalie Rose is a perfect match in her fabulous outfit she came in.  She was made by the talented carver Natalie Wood.

Lastly we have Hitty Moana, carved by Bruce and Fung Hicks.  She is special to me as she is made from New Zealand Kauri, so has links to 'home'.  She is standing beside a lovely ivy leaf cup left to me by my grandmother.  I have a set of six of these, along with matching plates, sugar bowl and jug.  I am still looking for a matching teapot.  The green pot holder is the second in the set of four I have, and the little vintage trays are rather useful!

Saturday, 9 February 2019

A Tiny Rag Doll Sew Along

On 'Knitty Hittys' a group I am on this month there is a 'Tiny Rag Doll Sew Along' which I thought would be fun to join in as I had made one only last month (can be read about by clicking here )  Initially I thought I would make up a kit to take with me, but in full procrastination mode, with regards to what I SHOULD be doing, I of course wanted to start one straight away.  This time I wanted to try making a boy.  This proved much harder than I had anticipated - it is NOT easy at all.  It is all to do with the faces and hair, that makes all the difference!

This time I made a cardboard template of the bodies and legs and traced round it onto the fabric.  I then sewed along those lines BEFORE cutting out.  This made it much easier to sew and neater. 

Once sewn up the pieces were turned inside out.

Then stuffed and sewn up.

Shoes were the next to be made and I chose some brown felt for his shoes.

I then practised drawing some faces - definitely not my talent!

Eventually I came up with something I thought I'd like to try.

I also sewed on the hair which was felting wool.

Clothes came next.  I sewed a pair of trousers out of checked fabric and the shirt out of felt and added tiny buttons

Trouble is 'he' looks like a she!

So I tried a pair of dungarees next.  Nope still looks like a girl.

Back to the original clothes...

I added a belt (made out of a rubber band and sewn to hold. It was all I had to hand) and a 'kerchief'.

Still didn't look quite right.

I turned back the top of the jacket to make lapels and I added a beret.

Boy?  Still not convinced and for some reason 'Mavis' just came to mind while I was making this doll despite all the permutations I I think 'Mavis' is in the French Resistance disguised as a boy and goes by the name Maurice (although some have said RenĂ© would be perfect!)  

So then of course me being me and suffering from COTDM - Compulsive Obsessive Tiny Doll Making Disorder, had to try again at making a boy!

Again I traced round the pieces, sewed round them and cut them out, turned inside out and started stuffing.

Arms sewn on first.

Then legs at the front and then I stuff before sewing up the back.

One blank template.

I drew some more faces - as you can see there is no end to my talent!  Ha ha!

Nope, didn't like this at all - I thought if I made the nose more neutral it would work but it most certainly didn't.

Prefer this nose more and I added some eyebrows.  This time I used a browner red for the lips.

This hair was my third attempt.  The first I tried sewing embroidery floss for hair, but ended up taking it all out. The second I tried wool, that didn't work either.  I didn't want to use felting wool this time, so tried felt instead.  I was pleased with the result - not quite as boy looking as I would like but closer.

Next I had to make the clothes.  I thought I would knit a sweater for him to wear either over or under the dungarees.

I quite like this look.

I sewed the shoes on last!

I think he looks much more like a boy and is going to be for Henry so I haven't named him yet - I will leave that up to Henry ;)

The two together.

I am still going to make up some packs to take with me so I can make some while in NZ as they are fun to just sit and do when wanting to relax, or if have nothing else to do.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Catching up!

Gosh can't believe I forgot to post anything in the month of January.

The Hittys of Rose Cottage have been quietly going about their lives as they do.

I joined in the Winter Frost Challenge on Knitty Hittys.

Hitty Madge got a new dress with a winter ski theme.

A warm cape

and a warm lyra hat to keep her head warm.  

Due to the shape of her head (shhh don't tell her) it isn't easy to get hats to fit her, but this pattern works quite well.

She got a warm cardigan in blue.

Which was handy when she and the little ones ventured out in the snow during our first snow fall.

Another day she enjoyed some apple strudel while out.

The heavier snow we had a few days ago meant that she helped over see some of the little ones, including nekked baby 'Keith's Cousin' who wanted to slide down the snow and thought it was fun. 

Rather him than us! Hitty Madge thought.

In the weekend she admired some of the flowers in the Sailor's garden that have started to come out.

Some pretty crocus

and lovely snowdrops.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas Morning

Becassine is busy in the Kitchen early Christmas morning...

...preparing a lovely Christmas diner for the Hitty Girls.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas

Rose Cottage is looking very festive and the girls have been hard at work decorating it.

Some tinsel has been added to the tree, along with the Christmas Star.

Hitty Patience is working on the Christmas Card list, whilst Hitty Mary Jean and Hitty Rimu are putting out some nativity scenes.

Such industrious girls.

They are delighted with their tree.

Upstairs Hitty Annabelle is reading stories to the children.