Friday, 4 December 2015

'tis the season for decorating.

The girls have been busy decorating ready for Christmas!

It's arrived!

After a rather long journey...did the postman stop and read it on the way? Our book from the Hitty Robertson family finally arrived - it took almost two months to get here!  Most unusual.  

We are pleased it arrived safely.

Now to show the girls - or perhaps it will be a surprise for Christmas.

Thank you for our lovely book Hitty Robertson & family.

Catching up with Friends.

 The other week we had some visitors which was lovely as things have been very quiet around here of late.

Hitty Cherry, Hitty Morag, Hitty May Noelle  and Hitty Laura enjoy meeting up with their friends again.

Some gather round the table for drinks and to share stories...

Hitty May Noelle & Hitty Leonarda enjoy chatting....  Hitty friends are good friends.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween

The party is in full swing

There are all sorts of goings on...

and some unwanted guests!

Wishing all our USA friends and those elsewhere who celebrate a ....

Friday, 30 October 2015

Disgruntled Hittys take matters into their own hands.

There are some rather disgruntled Hittys at Rose Cottage at the moment....they, or rather we think we have been rather neglected of late.  A group of us couldn't believe it was already 30th October and there had been no preparations whatsoever for 31st October.  This would never do!

The girls discussed the seriousness of the situation and decided they would have to take matters into their own hands.

The set to work decorating.

Hitty Leonarda seemed to be in charge.  Looks like another has already found her costume!

Some seem to be working hard at the decorations...others seem to be taking a more relaxed attitude!

Preparations almost complete!

At least there doesn't seem to be any magic tricks involved this year!

Monday, 24 August 2015

The last few days at Rose Cottage

Hitty Mary Jean has been dedicating her week to acrobatic practice....

Hitty Madge has discovered new blossom on the pear tree - the weather we have been having during our so called summer has obviously confused it somewhat.

Hitty Natalie Rose is delighted by the rose 'Oranges and Lemons' 

She thinks that roses are just perfect for making you want to smile.

Meanwhile today, a few of the Hittys decided that as it was pouring with rain, then what better to do but to have lunch at the Rose Cottage Tearooms.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Mystery KAL

Just finished knitting they Mystery KAL over on the Knitty Hittys group - a sweet little apron.

I used a variegated sock yarn I had to hand.

Being modelled by Hitty Moana.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Apples & Elephants

Hitty Phoebe is keeping a close eye on the apples....she is looking forward to making some apple pies.

Elsewhere.... high jinks are happening...

as Hitty Mary Jean and Hitty Carol Faith prepare for the circus.

Friday, 14 August 2015

A Tribute to a Dear Hitty Friend Caro of Wren Cottage Dolls

We at Rose Cottage are very saddened to hear of the loss of our dear friend Caro from Wren Cottage Dolls.  We first met online through the wonderful Hitty Girls group and being paired for the 'Fussy Cut Pillow Swap'.  We then started chatting on the phone and hit it off immediately.  I have since learned that Caro had that ability with everyone, to put them at ease, and make friends with them - she was always interested to hear what you had to say and had such enthusiasm and love for so many things.  

We first met up in person in Brighton for the 'Inaugural Meeting of the UK Hitty Girls in Brighton and we had a simply fantastic, if not rather exhausting time.

The last time we met up was in November last year when she drove down to spend an afternoon with us all at Rose Cottage where the UK Hitty Girls Contingent held a Thanksgiving Dinner.  

We tried to meet up again, but distance and my inability to drive too far seemed to hamper these attempts and sadly that never happened.  Perhaps more effort should have been made.  I guess although I knew her cancer was terminal, I never really expected the inevitable as Caro was always such a positive person and I thought her interminable spirit would be able to continue to fight it. She was always concerned about how others were feeling.  You touched many hearts Caro and you will be sadly missed by all those who had the pleasure to meet you both in person and online.

Our thoughts go out to your family and friends.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Hitty May  is looking for adventures and a home.  Please email me if interested in buying her.

She is a contemplative soul with a kind heart and ready to help anyone.

She will come with her pretty summer dress and bloomers
 and of course her red bead necklace.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hitty Madge in Texas

Hitty Madge travelled to Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas with Henry the other week to attend the Sasha Festival.  She was delighted to meet two other Hitty girls!

They spend some time chatting on the first evening and pose together for a photograph.

It was so nice to meet some other Hitty lovers and all three Hittys were their person's first carved Hitty.

Hitty Madge explores the local area with Henry (most photos on his blog)

Hitty Madge also enjoys the Botanic Gardens with Henry and Wren, her two travelling friends.

For anyone who is interested in seeing more photos - they can be found here.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Two more arrivals at Rose Cottage!

It seems our person is a soft touch when it comes to us Hitty girls....when she saw that two of our relatives were being placed for adoption here in England, she couldn't resist working out how to bring them home to Rose Cottage.  Fortunately a couple of other small people (aka dolls, but not us Hittys) were willing to move on to new places and once they had found homes, we were able to offer a place to the two Hitty girls.

Hitty Rimu and Hitty Moana welcome their 'carved' sister, Hitty Phoebe.

They have a big family reunion hug.

Meanwhile Hitty Madge, Hitty Natalie Rose and Hitty Joyful welcome the other Hitty girl who is yet to tell us her name.   We realised she only had her undergarments - which will never do - she didn't even have bloomers!  We suggested we take her upstairs to see Hitty Ethel.

Hitty Ethel was able to give her a dress to wear and said she will get right on to the bloomer/pantaloon making!

The girls go outside to pose for their arrival portraits.

Hitty Phoebe

Hitty soon to be named. (Possibly Tania, in honour of a friend coming to visit today)

Not the best portrait - we might have to get our photographer to take another!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hitty Madge takes Hitty Natalie Rose to the Garden of the Rose.

It was the perfect afternoon for an outing, so Hitty Madge decided to take Hitty Natalie Rose the Garden of the Rose in St Albans.  She was pretty sure that the afternoon would be very enjoyable and that Hitty Natalie Rose would love it there.

She was not wrong either!  Hitty Natalie Rose adored the rose gardens and insisted they had their photo taken together at ever opportunity.

They sat a while and contemplated the sights and smells that surrounded them.

Hitty Natalie Rose, was astounded by all the different varieties.

She told Hitty Madge how happy she was to be able to see such wonderful flowers and visit such a place.

Hitty Madge told Hitty Natalie Rose that was why she loved roses so much and also why she felt really lucky to live so close to such a wonderful place.

So many roses, such gorgeous scent.

It made them feel quite giddy with delight.

They sit together for a while

Have their individual portraits taken.

Two very happy Hitty Girls.

A final pose at the entrance & exit before they left.