Saturday, 26 July 2014

Working on Hitty Number Four

One of my WIP photos for June & July...

I have made progress on one of the Hittys...just not the walnut one which is like carving concrete!

So far this is where I have got up to with Hitty Number 4

I am a bit stumped on the mouth...I can't figure out how on earth to carve a mouth and lips!

She still needs some 'fine tuning'

But is slowly getting there.

I quite like the side profiles...

It is just the face on one that is still not quite right.  I think her head needs to be rounded more.  Plus her legs need to be worked on.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

First Day of Camp Piney Woods - The Leaders Arrive

The four camp leaders are ready to set up camp with the other campers due to arrive later today.

There has been a slight change to the leaders

I (Htty Patience) am currently still busy with the Miss Happiness and Miss Flower project so Hitty Moana has stepped in to take over the leadership of my cabin...Cabin Kokako

Hitty Madge is our overall camp leader and also the leader of Cabin Tui

Hitty Annabelle is still leader of Cabin Pukeko and Hitty Carol Faith the leader of Cabin Fantail


Hitty Madge checks to see if they all have their sleeping bags.

Hitty Carol Faith remembers the camp flag.  They also have some books, a couple of deck chairs and a couple of rugs.

They are hoping the camp fire and cooking equipment has already been delivered....

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rose Gardens

Hitty Madge had a lovely afternoon at the Rose Gardens today...

She found this little tree and thought it would be ideal for the Japanese garden we are wanting to plant...of course we will have to find our own version.

She wandered around enjoying all the flowers

and taking in the delicious scent.

She did see some butterflies, but they were too shy for photographs today.

Everything was looking glorious...what a shame the gardens are only open for another couple of weeks.

Some more ideas for 'small' gardens.

A lovely break in the day.  

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hitty Madge at Ashridge Estate

Some quiet contemplation time at Ashridge Estate

The sun was shining and the birds were singing...all was good.

What is this?

Looks rather like the hole Alice fell down!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Preparing for Camp Piney Woods

Hitty Madge has received a fantastic gift in the post from Helen & the Oakbrook Hittys.  It is perfect for camp and she can't wait to try it out....yes it is hanging round her neck and is a whistle!  

She gathers all of us round to tell us about Camp Piney Woods and that we need to start preparing for camp as there is lots to do!

The campsite 'Kaihikatea Haven' has been selected and there will be four cabins for us to split up into; Tui, Kōkako, Pukeko and Fantail, all named after New Zealand birds.

She counts us out...there are fifteen of us!  How did that happen she wonders....

Of course we may not all want to attend....I am thinking that Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine will be wanting some time on their own for a while.

We decide on the cabin names and split ourselves into different groups - three to a group apart from one which has the two children in it.

Our cabins are named after native New Zealand birds.

Cabin Tui:  Hitty Madge, Hitty Joyful & Hitty Moana

Cabin Kokako:  Myself (Hitty Patience), Hitty Cherry Jude & Hitty June

Cabin Pukeko:  Hitty Annabel, Hitty Ethel, Brittany & Miles

Cabin Fantail:  Hitty Carol Faith, Hitty Scary & Hitty Sedona

Things we need to make in order to camp!

Sleeping bags
Cushions - something to sit on.

Fortunately Hitty Madge found the perfect little gifts for the Five Gift Swap.

Cute little cabin keys.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Hitty Madge enjoys Sheffield Park Gardens.

Hitty Madge had a lovely day out today at the National Trust Property, Sheffield Park & Gardens.

She enjoyed them very much indeed.

She also insisted on both front and back view photos!

Lovely waterfall

Sitting on a rock enjoying a view of the lake.

Looking towards the huge privately owned Gothic Mansion house...

All in all a lovely day out.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hitty Madge spends some time in Arizona

Hitty Madge at the airport in San Francisco, just before boarding for Phoenix

Hitty Madge enjoyed Sedona and the beautiful stunning landscapes.

The weather was glorious, the sky blue and the temperatures very warm.

The jail house at Jerome, a small town on the side of the Mingus Mountain in Central Arizona.  This jail house slide down the mountain 225 feet from its original location.

Hitty Madge meets a statue of Sedona

Taking a ride in her basket.

Arriving at the Grand Canyon, Hitty Madge wasn't sure what to expect...

She certainly wasn't disappointed, the incredible vastness off the Canyon was awe inspiring.

This was taken at Montezuma's Well

The Double Eagle Trading Co. where Hitty Madge found some fabulous keys perfect for the Piney Wood Camp swap.

Having a chat...

Admiring the jewellery.

On the way home Hitty Madge admires the sunset at Newark Airport.

Hitty Madge with her 'cowboy' hat shows the Navejo weaved rug she brought home for Rose Cottage.

We admire the workmanship of this rug.

Hitty Madge shows off her hat.

Hitty Madge also escorted a new member to our family home from the USA.   The new girl, who is to be named Hitty Sedona, meets Hitty Carol Faith.

The introduce each other.

Hitty Madge was also delighted to bring home this gorgeous quilt that our person bought at the Sasha Festival.  We think it is just beautiful.