Thursday, 17 July 2014

Rose Gardens

Hitty Madge had a lovely afternoon at the Rose Gardens today...

She found this little tree and thought it would be ideal for the Japanese garden we are wanting to plant...of course we will have to find our own version.

She wandered around enjoying all the flowers

and taking in the delicious scent.

She did see some butterflies, but they were too shy for photographs today.

Everything was looking glorious...what a shame the gardens are only open for another couple of weeks.

Some more ideas for 'small' gardens.

A lovely break in the day.  


  1. Good morning, Hitty Madge!
    Thank you for sharing all the lovely flowers. Your dress is perfect for your outing.
    I've rather lost the plot as far as the doings of Hittys go. Are you still interested in all things Japanese? Or has that ended, in favour of a new hobby? I'd love to be more active and hep the N-Q-Hitty girls join in things, but the less interesting aspects of my life keep getting in the way.
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Hitty Madge.
    Jenni xx

    1. Good morning!

      We are still doing Japanese and added a couple photos to the Miss Happiness & Miss Flower page but have got a little bit behind...hoping to catch up this weekend.

      You too have a good weekend. :-)

  2. Madge and Gardens are a good combination!


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