Friday, 4 December 2015

'tis the season for decorating.

The girls have been busy decorating ready for Christmas!

It's arrived!

After a rather long journey...did the postman stop and read it on the way? Our book from the Hitty Robertson family finally arrived - it took almost two months to get here!  Most unusual.  

We are pleased it arrived safely.

Now to show the girls - or perhaps it will be a surprise for Christmas.

Thank you for our lovely book Hitty Robertson & family.

Catching up with Friends.

 The other week we had some visitors which was lovely as things have been very quiet around here of late.

Hitty Cherry, Hitty Morag, Hitty May Noelle  and Hitty Laura enjoy meeting up with their friends again.

Some gather round the table for drinks and to share stories...

Hitty May Noelle & Hitty Leonarda enjoy chatting....  Hitty friends are good friends.