Sunday, 15 June 2014

Contrary to Rumours....

There seems to have been rumours from the Wren Cottage Dolls on the Hitty Girls group, that all was not well at Rose Cottage... but please rest assured, we are all fine and happy.  

As you can see we are all happily alive and well.

On the top floor it is business as usual.

Brittany & Miles are playing with Lucy and a little Mexican doll they have found.  Hitty Moana is looking for  a book to read, and I of course are busy typing up this.

Hitty Ethel is planning her next sewing activities....she is hoping to make us all some underwear....

Downstairs there is a mixture of activity and relaxation!

Downstairs, Becassine is busy in the kitchen with Hitty Granny Estelle and Hitty Cherry Jude

Whereas Hitty Scary, Hitty Carol Faith, Hitty June and Hitty Annabelle are enjoying a quiet chat and cup of tea.

In the Japanese room, Hitty Joyful is having a rest and dreaming of ideas for her Tea Rooms.

So as you can see, we are all fit, healthy and happy.

Where is Hitty Madge you ask?  I believe she is busy packing for her next great overseas adventure.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Hitty Madge visits Hughenden

Our traveller Hitty Madge is filling up her travel journal with places she has visited.  

Today she went to Hughenden, the home of Benjamin Disraeli, a Victorian Prime Minister.

This is the manor house - very impressive. It was his home from 1848 until 1881.

Gorgeous gardens

Hitty Madge enjoys the gardens.

She did think the roses at home were more impressive than these though.

We are glad we weren't there!  We don't like spiders, but Hitty Madge is a brave girl and says she doesn't mind them.

Although she didn't hang round there for too long!

Now this rose was impressive, and her favourite of the day.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Dozen Roses - Set Two & A New Necklace

While in New Zealand I made another couple of roses dresses and thus A Dozen Roses Set Two was started....  The first two made when I returned are posted here.

The complete set...

Admittedly this one was made earlier this year, but not included in Set One, so I included it here.

This rose dress was also made earlier this year.

The rose dress made in NZ

This one was also made in NZ.

Made on my return - a 'very best' special occasion rose dress.

The next five were finished recently.

Really love this one.

It was a lovely day today and Hitty Madge enjoyed some time in the garden...she insisted on wearing her new necklace that was made for her today.  She has been wanting one for ages, and although it isn't red coral (we have a dearth of red coral around - or even red beads for that matter!), but silver and blue.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Gardens of the Rose

Hitty Madge was delighted the sun came out this afternoon so she could visit the Gardens of the Rose that opened for the season today.

So many beautiful flowers to look at.


The scent of the garden was just wonderful.

Beautiful rose

Relaxing by the pond.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Hitty Madge at Stowe Gardens

It was a lovely day to go and visit one of 'our' National Trust Properties.

Today we chose to go to Stowe Gardens and Parkland.

Stowe House - Magnificent

The gardens were created by Lord Cobham in the 18th Century.    The Cobham family at the height of their power and wealth were richer than the king and these gardens were a bold statement to illustrate this.  The gardens became one of the country's first tourist attractions and people have been visiting the gardens for over 300 years.

The Palladian Bridge

Queens Temple

There is 250 acres of landscape gardens with lawns, lakes, woods and temples to explore and keep you busy.  We certainly did a lot of walking!

Looking across Octagon Lake with the Palladian Bridge in the background.

On the Palladian Bridge

Looking out over the water.

Chatting to Queen Elizabeth at the Temple of British Worthies

There are over 40 different temples in these gardens!  We didn't get time to see them all.

Discovering the Oak tree that Queen Victoria planted.

Meeting on of the seven Saxon Dieties that gave their names to the seven days of the week.

Taking some time out during the walk. 

Hitty Madge was delighted to see some sheep.

She was even more delighted to see a Speckled Wood Butterfly.

Lord Cobham's Pillar

Shell Bridge


Of course after an afternoon walking around these amazing gardens a cream tea is called for.

A delightful day was had indeed.