Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Dozen Roses - Set Two & A New Necklace

While in New Zealand I made another couple of roses dresses and thus A Dozen Roses Set Two was started....  The first two made when I returned are posted here.

The complete set...

Admittedly this one was made earlier this year, but not included in Set One, so I included it here.

This rose dress was also made earlier this year.

The rose dress made in NZ

This one was also made in NZ.

Made on my return - a 'very best' special occasion rose dress.

The next five were finished recently.

Really love this one.

It was a lovely day today and Hitty Madge enjoyed some time in the garden...she insisted on wearing her new necklace that was made for her today.  She has been wanting one for ages, and although it isn't red coral (we have a dearth of red coral around - or even red beads for that matter!), but silver and blue.

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  1. What a lovely variety of rose materials you have found. Making so many dresses makes one think that they must be easy to make!!! I know they are not. All dresses look well made. Lucky Madge.


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