Meet the Hittys

This page will be a Who's Who of the Hittys at Rose Cottage.  Alongside each Bio will also be a photograph.

Hitty Patience :  Arrived 6th August 2012  Gustav Trulet Hitty from Argentina (Hand painted and finished by me)

Hitty Patience is the author of this blog, is very patient as her name implies and works hard to welcome all newcomers and friends.

Hitty Ethel Raikes:  Arrived 17th August 2012 Raikes from USA.

Hitty Ethel is the seamstress of the family.

Hitty Granny Estelle:  Arrived 23rd August 2012, Linden Wood carved by Ae & Holly from Thailand.

Hitty Granny Estelle is essentially the head of the household and does most of the cooking.

Hitty Moana Kauri:  Arrived 24th August 2012, formerly Hitty Kauri carved by Bruce & Fung Hicks from USA.

Hitty Moana is rather special to me being carved from New Zealand Kauri - she is a link to 'home'.

Hitty Carol Faith - Arrived 31st August 2012, fully ball-joined Hitty carved by Wanda Harrigan from USA.

This Hitty is the 'Diva' of the family.  She can be prone to histrionics and fainting fits and is very expressive with her hands.

Hitty Joyful -  Arrived 19th September 2012, paulownia wood, carved by Gale Lyons, from USA.

Always has a cheery smile on her face, she is a Joy to have around.  Currently in the process of opening a tea room.

Hitty Annabelle - Arrived 5th February 2013, Raikes Hitty from USA, limited edition 31/100.

Another cheerful girl, who is yet to discover her interest.

Hitty Madge - Formally Eve - made an appearance 10th February 2013.  Hand carved and painted by myself.

Hitty Madge is a favourite and the main travelling companion.  She has a thing for roses and has an ever increasing collection of rose dresses.

Hitty Madge is the proprietress of the Hitty Art Gallery - yet to be officially opened.

Scary - yup that is her name until her face is less so!  Shoulder head by Sara Cole with cloth body made by myself 30th April 2014.

Hitty Mary Jean (Jointed by Sebino) - Collected from USA June 2014  'Painted 13th October 2014

Hitty Leonarda, arrived 27th October.  Carved by Leonarda (Carve a Hitty & Dress as a Witch Swap)

Hitty Rimu, arrived 24th January 2015.  Carved & Dressed by Bruce & Fung Hicks.

Hitty Natalie Rose, arrived 25th June 2015.  Carved by Natalie Cooper

 Hitty Phoebe, arrived 6th July 2015 with Hitty..... (already in UK).  Carved by Bruce & Fung Hicks
Hitty Michaela arrived 6th July 2015 with Hitty Phoebe (already in UK) .  Carved by Michael Langdon.

Not Hitty:

Anka - Polish Girl

Brittany - MO Girl - Arrived 11th June 2013

Miles - Sarah Cole Resin boy - Arrived 28th November 2012 'born' 4th December 2012

Sarah Cole Resin Boy - Arrived 16th September 2014  'Born' 22nd December 2014.

Teeny Tiny Hitty  -  Arrived 19th December 2014

Holly & Ivy - Half Pint Hittys  Arrived 23rd December 'born' 24th December 2014

Rufus - The Rose Cottage dog.

Becassine Terese - Arrived 10th February 2014 (Created March 2012)

This lovely girl helps Hitty Granny Estelle around the house and is in charge of the overall housekeeping.

Hittys who have left home for new adventures:

Hitty Cherry Jude - Carved by myself  7th January 2014. (Second carved Hitty)

Has a penchant for Cherry Pie.

26th September 2014  Hitty Cherry Jude has packed her bags and is off on new adventures with her 'New Person'.  26th September 2014

Hitty Winifred Octavius - 12th October 2014  Sent to USA to live with Leonarda as part of the 'Carve a Hitty & Dress as a witch' swap.

Hitty Morag - Carved by myself October 2014 and left to join Hitty Cherry,

Hitty No. 5 yet to be named.  Carved by myself & finished 13th October 2014.  Left to join Hitty Morag & Hitty Cherry on April 22nd 2015

Now called Hitty Laura.

Hitty June - Carved by myself & finished 3rd June 2014,  (Third carved Hitty)  Named after my grandmother.  Going to live in Hittyville April 2015.


  1. August is going to be a busy Birthday month!

    1. Oh my goodness, I didn't think of that, it certainly will be indeed, what with gifts to make all of them!

  2. I love each and every one of them! What a wonderful idea to share with us their origins, birthdays, and personality traits. I feel like I really know them now!

    1. Thank you. Some are still developing their personalities as I get to know more about them :-)


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