Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hitty Mischievous tries her hand at painting

It seems Hitty Mischievous wants to try her hand at painting before she leaves.  She has seen Hitty Madge at work at thinks it can't be all that hard.

She looks at the apron and brushes, but decides she really doesn't want to be bothered with them.....

She makes sure no one else is around....

To her surprise, a picture appeared!

Hitty Madge comes along to see what is going on in the art studio.


Looks like Hitty Perdita Mischievous has some explaining to do!

One thing though, she has a nice work of art to put up on her wall at home!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hitty Mischievous visit is soon coming to an end....

Hitty Perdita Mischievous' visit is coming to an end....there are still a few things she wants to 'experience' before she leaves on Monday.

Today she joined Hitty Madge in visiting some friends where she had her first 'experience' - English Fish and Chips....she decided to pass of the mushy peas business.


For the life of her she couldn't quite figure out why anyone would want to eat peas all mushed up like baby food - she had her teeth still so didn't need her food puréed.   

Once home she decided to look up just what Mushy Peas they were a brighter green than one in Rose Cottage could give her an explanation....

It seems they aren't just 'peas mashed up' but rather dried marrowfat peas which are soaked overnight in water with baking soda (bicarbonate soda) then rinsed in fresh water and simmered with a little sugar and salt until they form a thick green lumpy soup.   They are a traditional accompaniment to fish and chips in Northern England and the Midlands.    Sometimes mint is used as a flavouring and quite often food colouring is added to enhance the colour.

Quite frankly we all agreed after reading this we would rather stick to peas 'a la natural'   unadulterated without all the additives!

She did enjoy her fish and chips very much though!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas after dinner....

The Christmas dinner had been eaten and enjoyed...

Treats galore consumed

Aprons have been discarded and dishes stacked...

Relaxing together after presents have been unwrapped.

The Hittys of Rose Cottage are content.

The children are playing with their new toys.

What fun they will have with this!

Aprons have been discarded and dishes stacked...

Relaxing together after presents have been unwrapped.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Hitty Mischievous helps with the Christmas Eve preparations.

There is much chatter and excitement in Rose Cottage today as preparations for Christmas Day are underway.

Hitty Mischievous is getting stuck right in and helping...never fear, her arms aren't raised in order to make some magic....

...but rather to reach up to get the jars of sweets and candy canes down.  She is sure everyone will love those, especially the children!

Other of the Hitty household members are having a nice time chatting and reading beside the tree.

Noel, Miles and Brittany are in the yard playing and chatting about their hopes and dreams for Christmas.

Busy times!

The Hittys pose for a Christmas Portrait.

The whole family!

From Left to Right:

Back row:  Becassine, Hitty Patience, Hitty Madge, Hitty Mary Jean, our guest Hitty Perdita Mischievous, Hitty Leonarda - yes still wearing her new bonnet, Hitty June, Hitty Moana,  Hitty Granny Estelle

Sitting: Hitty Thankful with Holly on her lap, Hitty Annabelle, Miles, Hitty Scary, Noel, Hitty Carol Faith, Hitty Ethel with Natalie on her lap, Hitty Joyful with Ivy on her lap and Brittany.

Half Pint Hittys Painted, Clothed and Named!

The size of these tiny ones....very daunting!  

Especially when one's eye sight isn't what it used to be!  What the camera shows that the eyes don't see....means their lips will have to be repainted after Christmas.

Jointed with elastic as that is what we had on hand.

Dressed...the girls wanted red ribbon sashes for Christmas, but the dresses would normally have blue sashes.

Two little bundles of mischief! 

Meet Holly and Ivy.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hitty Mischievous comes to the rescue!

Hitty Perdita Mischievous heard about the plight of the Half Pint Hittys 'Not Yet Arrived' and decided to do something about it.

She didn't wait around to 'ask permission' instead opting to make some magic while no one was around

Oh....I wonder what is happening?

Goodness!  It worked.... I think she even surprised herself.

She rushes off to tell the others.

'Guess what'   The Half Pints have least I think they have!

Hitty Madge, Granny Estelle & Hitty Joyful come to have  a look.

Hitty Moana joins them.  

Well they have certainly arrived, but oh dear what happened on their journey!  Looks like some 'surgery' needs to be done.  She says.

Oh I can fix that!  Hitty Mischievous claims.

Now dear, I think you have done really well helping them to arrive before Christmas, but I think we need to leave the 'surgery' to someone with a bit more experience....Hitty Madge tells Hitty Mischievous as she gives her a hug.

Monday, 22 December 2014

A new sweater and Noel meets Miles

Well it seems Noel is well impressed with those that knit....he has a sweater already!  Now he is dressed he felt ready to meet Miles.

They were very pleased to meet each other, and Miles was pleased to have another boy in a household full of girls!

Two boys in their new sweaters...I think Miles is slightly envious of Noel's more 'boyish' colours, but Noel explained he needed something more neutral because of his colouring....

They discuss their hopes for real snow this Christmas, although us here at Rose Cottage would rather it didn't snow...however, they want snow so they can go and ride their sleds...

So perhaps it would be nice if it snowed to order on Christmas Day?

Meet Noel

Quite some time ago a brother arrived here at Rose Cottage for Miles...but well he just has been lying around...

....not quite able to pull (put) himself together.   

Finally though with Christmas looming he decided it was time to get his act into gear.

Before long it seems Noel was wanting to make his presence known...although he would have preferred not quite such an embarrassing photo!

Ah, that is better....although I see he has already scuffed his shoes... will have to get Becassine to have words with him about that!  

He has informed us that he hopes he doesn't have to wait as long as his brother Miles did to get a shirt or sweater....

Cheeky boy!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Art & Books

Hitty Madge had her last art class for the year yesterday and finished two more pieces.

Heron in Flight

Sunset on the sea.

Meanwhile much excitement in the Hitty household when the arrival of the new Hitty Robertson book.  A group of girls gathered round the tree to listen to Hitty Joyful read it to them.//

Hitty Annabelle decided to really relax on the rocking chair.  Hitty Scary and Hitty Carol Faith reclined in a very relaxed manner on the easy chair and Hitty Leonarda who refuses to take off the new bonnet and apron for fear of someone else stealing  um, I mean borrowing it, sits next to Hitty Joyful so she can see all the fun pictures.

Hitty Joyful makes a good story reader, especially as she describes all the wonderful photos the book contains.

The Hittys at Rose Cottage would like to extend a very BIG THANK YOU to the Robertson Hittys for the delightful book.

They are currently working on a little thank you gift which will hopefully be making its way to your household next week.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hitty Girls Winter Cloak/Cape Swap Gift sent and received

 The other day we received a lovely winter cape and muff set for the Winter Cloak/Cape Swap.  Our swap partner was Rochelle and we have heard that she has received the cloak we sent.

Hitty Carol Faith was the first to get to wear the lovely cloak and muff set that we received.  She was pleased it went so well with her Christmas Dress.

We wanted to make something classically British, and so made a tweed cloak with a little gingerbread button, seen here modelled by Hitty Thankful just before it was sent.

Hitty Girls Christmas Stocking Swap Sent

We have heard that Sherry has now received our Christmas stocking swap so we are able to show what we sent.

Hand made stocking with two little toys - a camel and an elephant, a little bottle of perfume, a thermos flask for those summer picnics and a little cosmetic purse which has a little comb, mirror and brush inside.