Monday, 22 December 2014

Meet Noel

Quite some time ago a brother arrived here at Rose Cottage for Miles...but well he just has been lying around...

....not quite able to pull (put) himself together.   

Finally though with Christmas looming he decided it was time to get his act into gear.

Before long it seems Noel was wanting to make his presence known...although he would have preferred not quite such an embarrassing photo!

Ah, that is better....although I see he has already scuffed his shoes... will have to get Becassine to have words with him about that!  

He has informed us that he hopes he doesn't have to wait as long as his brother Miles did to get a shirt or sweater....

Cheeky boy!


  1. Noel looks like a fun boy to have around and perhaps one that will get into mischief! You did a wonderful job carving and painting him.
    ~ Kiki and Mel

    1. Oh, I can't lay claim to carving this boy Kiki and Mel, he is a Sara Cole Resin Boy, I just painted him.

      He is going to be fun to have around though that is for sure.

  2. You did a wonderful paint job! He looks very friendly and smart!

    1. Thank you :-) I think he is going to be a fun lad to have around.


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