Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hitty Mischievous comes to the rescue!

Hitty Perdita Mischievous heard about the plight of the Half Pint Hittys 'Not Yet Arrived' and decided to do something about it.

She didn't wait around to 'ask permission' instead opting to make some magic while no one was around

Oh....I wonder what is happening?

Goodness!  It worked.... I think she even surprised herself.

She rushes off to tell the others.

'Guess what'   The Half Pints have arrived....at least I think they have!

Hitty Madge, Granny Estelle & Hitty Joyful come to have  a look.

Hitty Moana joins them.  

Well they have certainly arrived, but oh dear what happened on their journey!  Looks like some 'surgery' needs to be done.  She says.

Oh I can fix that!  Hitty Mischievous claims.

Now dear, I think you have done really well helping them to arrive before Christmas, but I think we need to leave the 'surgery' to someone with a bit more experience....Hitty Madge tells Hitty Mischievous as she gives her a hug.


  1. Excellent news! That mischievous girl is quite talented, really... is she having private lessons with Minerva McGonagall?

    1. I think she must have been....I think she must have organised it somehow when we were in London....I am thinking she must have boarded the train on platform 9 3/4 without us knowing!


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