Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Warm winter wear.

Miles is really pleased he finally has a warm sweater to wear...he was at first a bit dubious about the colours, but then decided warmth was better than worrying about what colour his new sweater was.

Brittany is also now snug with her new blue cardigan and like Miles is pleased to be warm at last!

She thinks the blue goes nicely with her eyes.

They went out into the yard to play...and are ever hopeful they can use their sleds this year.

Brittany tries hers out for size and declares it 'just perfect'.

Hitty Madge is also prepared for the colder weather with her new shawl and hat with combined scarf that keeps her head, ears and neck nice and warm.


  1. A lovely winter day....and I love that fabric you've used as a background!

    1. It is lovely fabric isn't it? I hadn't planned to use it as a background, but can't bring myself to cut into it - it is quite a small piece


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