Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hitty Ethel has finished the Christmas dresses.

The sewing machine has been humming today!

Hitty Ethel has been busy sewing today and finished the last three Christmas dresses.... 

Hitty Joyful suggests they have a 'photo session' showing off the last three dresses.

Very nice girls....

...but hang on a minute Hitty Joyful has a suggestion....

Yes she seems happier now with the two red dresses on either side of the green dress!

Hitty Joyful chose the red striped dress.

Hitty Ethel wanted the green one.

Hitty Perdita Mischievous also had one made especially for her....and is very pleased with it!  


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! They look like Christmas Candies sweet enough to eat. The Perdita Mischievous dress is perfect!

    1. She looks great in it doesn't she? Seems funny though to see her in something other than her orange dress....

      I will have to do the complete Christmas dress line up!

    2. Again, so industrious! The new Christmas dresses are so festive and bright - wonderful!

    3. They are so much more industrious than me! ;-)


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