Friday, 19 December 2014

Art & Books

Hitty Madge had her last art class for the year yesterday and finished two more pieces.

Heron in Flight

Sunset on the sea.

Meanwhile much excitement in the Hitty household when the arrival of the new Hitty Robertson book.  A group of girls gathered round the tree to listen to Hitty Joyful read it to them.//

Hitty Annabelle decided to really relax on the rocking chair.  Hitty Scary and Hitty Carol Faith reclined in a very relaxed manner on the easy chair and Hitty Leonarda who refuses to take off the new bonnet and apron for fear of someone else stealing  um, I mean borrowing it, sits next to Hitty Joyful so she can see all the fun pictures.

Hitty Joyful makes a good story reader, especially as she describes all the wonderful photos the book contains.

The Hittys at Rose Cottage would like to extend a very BIG THANK YOU to the Robertson Hittys for the delightful book.

They are currently working on a little thank you gift which will hopefully be making its way to your household next week.


  1. Madge is quite accomplished after all the lessons - do you think she might have a show and sell some of them?
    I love the quiet reading scenes - just a little peace and quiet before the coming holiday chaos.

    1. I think that is a good idea. She does have them all displayed in her Art Gallery (page tab above) but a show and tell would be so much more interesting.

      Must always make some time for quiet reading.


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