Monday, 22 December 2014

A new sweater and Noel meets Miles

Well it seems Noel is well impressed with those that knit....he has a sweater already!  Now he is dressed he felt ready to meet Miles.

They were very pleased to meet each other, and Miles was pleased to have another boy in a household full of girls!

Two boys in their new sweaters...I think Miles is slightly envious of Noel's more 'boyish' colours, but Noel explained he needed something more neutral because of his colouring....

They discuss their hopes for real snow this Christmas, although us here at Rose Cottage would rather it didn't snow...however, they want snow so they can go and ride their sleds...

So perhaps it would be nice if it snowed to order on Christmas Day?


  1. They are going to be good company for each other, and I LOVE Miles's sweater (and Noel's) Good fun! I hope they get enough snow to go sledding!

    1. I think they are going to be great company for each other.


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