Sunday, 17 August 2014

Swaps - Camp Piney Woods and Peanut Fabric Swap.

Well we all had a lovely time at Camp Piney Woods, but it seems we didn''t actually take many photos of our activities!  

This fact was brought home to us when we received our super Camp Piney Woods Swap package the other day, so we have made up for it with taking photos of each of the wonderful gifts in our package.

Miles was thrilled with the fishing rod and little bucket and can't wait to to fishing with it.

Hitty Moana thinks this hat will be just perfect for the colder months.

I am delighted with this little heart necklace...fortunately everyone else have such big heads, this only fitted me!  

Hitty Madge admires the sitting mat and sleeping bag - lovely bright and colourful.

She was also delighted with the lovely postcards.

Aren't they wonderful?

Hitty Madge also tried on the wonderful shawl and is looking forward to having a dress made from the Civil War fabrics to match it.

Side view.

In the package we also received some fabric for the 'Hitty Girls Peanut Swap'  We had to have a little giggle as one of the peanut pieces  (the blue rose stripes) was the fabric we had sent for the swap!  

These are fun aren't they?

Later on...

The WIP pile - some dresses drawn up and cut out ready to sew up.

One dress was made today with the beautiful butterfly fabric 

Hitty Madge is delighted with this dress.  She thinks the shawl might go nicely with it as well,

as indeed it does.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hitty Madge in Wales

Hitty Madge quite fell in love with Wales and all it had to offer.  Magnificent scenery, green green country, not many people, history, beaches, lakes and mountains - it had it all.

Here she is at Harlech Castle

Sitting on the beach at Tywyn

We had a very lovely walk along this beach, which was on the whole deserted.

Exploring history at Ty Mawr - the birthplace of Bishop William Morgan who translated the first published Welsh Bible and as such preserved the Welsh Language.

A very informative visit with thanks to the very interesting talk given by the custodian who I will have to say is probably the best we have spoken to at National Trust properties yet.

So beautiful, peaceful and quiet down in the valley.

Enjoying the waterfall during one of our walks in Snowdonia National Park

The bridge at Lake Vrynwy 

Very impressive.

Another waterfall in yet another beautiful walk.

Enjoying some peace and quiet in the forest.

A lakeside view.