Friday, 31 January 2014

Red Hot Photo Shoot discussions & two new dresses for Hitty Madge.

We have all got dressed up in our red dresses and are having a group discussion as to what to do for our 'Red Hot Hitty Photo Challenge'....

We had been hoping to get to a garden centre where we were sure we would find some red flowers...but alas the weather really is atrocious.  

Hitty Madge wanders off....

Hippo arrives and joins in the discussion...

...and gets rather excited

and animated by the discussion!  What a shame Hitty Madge missed out on the fun.  We will have to try again tomorrow.

It seems Hitty Madge was having a photo shoot of her two new dresses and forgot to return to the group discussion in all the dressing up.  

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Flannelette Underwear/Sleepwear

Dual purpose wear - Flannelette underwear - slip, camisole and pantaloons...

The pantaloons and camisole can double as sleep wear.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Hitty Madge sorts through her wardrobe for her upcoming travelling adventure.

Hitty Madge is thinking about her trip to New Zealand and checking out which clothes in the Hitty wardrobe actually fit her.  Not many do as it turns out, but fortunately our person with the help of Hitty Ethel, has been busy sewing for her.  Generally we are all very happy to share, but being a main travel companion comes with responsibilities and apparently the need for their own wardrobe....Hmm...we are not sure we all agree with this, but we do have plenty of clothes for the rest of us, so are happy to accept this for now.  Most of us shudder at the thought of a 25+ hours plane journey and all of us travelled a long way to get to England anyway, so we have done the travelling thing anyway.

So back to working out what Hitty Madge needs.

Today Hitty Madge decided that one of the dresses made the other day, just wasn't really suitable.

It is just a bit tight around the arms, so Hitty has donated it to us less big boned more petite ladies!

To replace this dress another was made for her today.

This dress is a much better fit and has more ease for movement and Hitty Madge looks rather stunning in it we all agree.

The dresses below are those that have been made especially for Hitty Madge

Most were made in the last couple of weeks, but the Kimono was made last year as was the acorn dress.

Of course her rain cape - here you can see the tiny teddies lining.

These two dresses weren't made specifically for Hitty Madge, but they fit her well and will be ideal for the warmer weather in NZ.

I knitted this a while ago, and it does fit Hitty Madge, but I might make another slightly longer for her.  

She will probably borrow these as they all seem perfect for sunnier weather.

She tries on the swimwear for size - not a bad fit at all!

This was the lovely dress that we received for the Real Hitty Birthday swap celebrations and we all agree that Hitty Madge should have it as she looked so delightful in it.

Now we can't remember who arrived in these, but thought that they will do nicely for sleepwear or underwear as the need arises.

So what else does she need we wonder?

Certainly she will need a journal to record her holiday as we will all want to hear and read about it when she gets home.

We are guessing that she may need something warmer 'just in case'...

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cheescake and a Red Cape

Hitty Madge went out today for lunch and enjoyed her desert especially!

While out it absolutely poured down for a few minutes and it was then she commented on the fact that she really needs a waterproof coat or cape...

Well at the moment it seems what Hitty Madge asks for, Hitty Madge gets!  Still at least it means one of us can get to wear the other red wool cape at times of need...

She was surprised to see yet another Daisy flowering in the lawn and reaches down to pick it to bring inside to show the rest of us who aren't brave enough to face the bad weather!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Travelling pouch

Our person made Hitty Madge a travelling pouch come sleeping bag today.

It is square at the bottom, but tilted in the photo!

She fits nice and snug.

Does up to keep her safe and sound.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Two more dresses for Hitty Madge

Our dear Hitty Madge was the lucky recipient of two more dresses today.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Celebrating the 'Real' Hitty's Birthday

Today is 'Real' Hitty's Birthday so all of us at Rose Cottage are celebrating it.

We give Hitty Granny Estelle the day of  cooking and Hitty Judy helps me prepare the food.

The girls gather round chatting and remembering their namesake and the adventures she got up to.

Hitty Carol Faith takes care of the little ones, Miles and Brittany and tells them some stories.

Hitty Madge wonders if she can hlep.

Hitty Judy and Hitty Ethel insist that she must instead sit down and take it easy.

Reassuring her that they have everything under control and that she must just relax and enjoy the day.

I (Hitty Patience) serve some cups of tea and chat to the girls.

The day looks like it is going to be a good one.

Happy Birthday Real Hitty.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Quilt for Hitty Madge

Well although cold today it has been another bright spring like day and Hitty Madge wanted to spend some time convalescing by the window with the sun streaming in.  She needed a quilt to keep her warm so our person  made one especially for her.

It is just the right size for her and she seems quite happy with it.

Midnight complications

So only subtle changes, but ones that were fraught with anxiety as Hitty Madge had to return to ICU last night due to surgical complications and a broken collar bone with bits of fragmented bone that lodged into the tops of her arms! Fortunately the surgeon was able to put right, but sadly not without a big scar running down the back of her arm.  However Hitty Madge thinks that will add 'character and  she seems to be bravely fighting back and was willing to pose for the comparison after 'woodic surgery'.  She will be convalescing today being allowed just a couple of visitors to see how she is.

Monday, 20 January 2014


It is all very quiet in Rose Cottage at the moment.  Our dear Hitty Madge has just undergone some surgery to try and reduce her problem 'footballer' shoulders, biceps and triceps.  Surgery seems to have been relatively successful and she is currently in ICU.  We are hoping she will be up and about before long.   Of course this could mean she has more choice in our wardrobe as well with the reduction she has had which will be nice for her, but oh dear, will mean less for us to choose from - we will have to get our person and Hitty Ethel making more clothes, after all a Hitty can't have too many clothes can she?

Signing off for now, Hitty Patience and the Rose Cottage Hittys.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

A new dress for Hitty Madge and some pressure being applied....

After the carving disaster our person decided she would venture down to the sewing studio to do some sewing instead.  

Hitty Madge has been extolling the benefits of her being chosen to go to New Zealand at the end of February and March.  She really doesn't understand why our person is carving another Hitty.  She could understand the second Hitty recently carved as she was to be for a friend, but ANOTHER?  Why?  

Anyway she was delighted to be presented with a new dress...and is currently working out her wardrobe for the holiday (IF she is chosen to go)  Hitty Moana also wants to go as she would be returning to the land of her birth as a tree all those many years ago.

Hitty Madge was especially delighted to be presented with a pair of pantaloons...her modesty is finally protected!  All those people that lift up her skirt when looking at her, it has been quite shocking indeed.

She also had a little apron made for when when she helps out in the kitchen to give Granny Hitty Estelle a  rest.

A little blue dress for spring was also made.

Carving Hitty Number Three - Part Two

Well I was going great guns this morning...working on Hitty Number Three's arms when suddenly realised I had the arm round the wrong way!  Yikes!  I have made a big mistake and not really sure how to resurrect it - I don't have another 'arm' available so what to do is the BIG question.

                                   Left hand.....                                .................. right hand...yup, that's right - she is                                                                                    now missing her hand and fingers having at the most                                                                                       only two left!

 You can see here how her hands now look.

I felt like crying when I realised what I had done!  I really thought this Hitty was starting to take shape nicely as well.

From the front they are okay.