Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Midnight complications

So only subtle changes, but ones that were fraught with anxiety as Hitty Madge had to return to ICU last night due to surgical complications and a broken collar bone with bits of fragmented bone that lodged into the tops of her arms! Fortunately the surgeon was able to put right, but sadly not without a big scar running down the back of her arm.  However Hitty Madge thinks that will add 'character and  she seems to be bravely fighting back and was willing to pose for the comparison after 'woodic surgery'.  She will be convalescing today being allowed just a couple of visitors to see how she is.


  1. Dear Madge, take heart! Arm and joint problems are very common with Hittys...my boy doll has just been repaired with strips of chamois leather in an undignified area, and Constance had her nose bitten off by a cat once!

    1. The wren cottagedolls (being interested in er surgery, medical things) - would like to know more about the chamois leather surgery, possibly including pictures (which could be private) RSPV

  2. Dear Madge,

    You and your person are very brave. Surgery is always fraught with complications, but as time has proven, you have bounced back and have never given a second look back :-)


    Beth & Virginia

  3. Dear Beth and Virginia, thank you for your kind message - at least I haven't had long lasting pain issues like my person did after her shoulder/thoracic surgery. :-) Makes the fitting of clothes much better now as well ;-)

    Best wishes,
    Hitty Madge


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