Friday, 17 January 2014

Real Hitty Birthday Swap Gifts.

We have heard from Hitty Genevieve that our 'Real Hitty Birthday Swap' gifts have arrived so we can now show you what we sent her.

The swap was to create a gift based on any item mentioned in the book or any item she possesses in Real Life in the Library Museum in Stockbridge, MA.  You were allowed to include one extra item as well which we did.

We made this dress from page 118:

A "voluminous dress of cotton print, in a far from gaudy pattern." made by Thankful's mother. There is a ruffle around the neck.

We also included a pair of pantaloons to protect her modesty.

Kindly modelled by Hitty Moana.

We also included a patchwork quilt.  (which we should have pressed into shape BEFORE taking the photo!)

Below is the picture  we were sent of Hitty Genevieve wearing her new dress sitting on her quilt.

Thank you for the photo J, it is lovely to see her in her new dress.


  1. Oh Gosh your Swap Partner must be Thrilled - Such Beautifully and Lovingly Made Gifts - and Hitty Moana looks to be so Proud to be sending them :)

  2. It is fun to make things for appreciative dolls! What a really pretty gift!

  3. Hitty Genevieve looks delighted! what a nice Birthday gift!


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