Sunday, 19 January 2014

A new dress for Hitty Madge and some pressure being applied....

After the carving disaster our person decided she would venture down to the sewing studio to do some sewing instead.  

Hitty Madge has been extolling the benefits of her being chosen to go to New Zealand at the end of February and March.  She really doesn't understand why our person is carving another Hitty.  She could understand the second Hitty recently carved as she was to be for a friend, but ANOTHER?  Why?  

Anyway she was delighted to be presented with a new dress...and is currently working out her wardrobe for the holiday (IF she is chosen to go)  Hitty Moana also wants to go as she would be returning to the land of her birth as a tree all those many years ago.

Hitty Madge was especially delighted to be presented with a pair of pantaloons...her modesty is finally protected!  All those people that lift up her skirt when looking at her, it has been quite shocking indeed.

She also had a little apron made for when when she helps out in the kitchen to give Granny Hitty Estelle a  rest.

A little blue dress for spring was also made.


  1. After sewing such beautiful outfits for Hitty Madge, I hope you are getting over the carving incident. My second doll Tansy has a wonky hip joint! She can stand now after much glue was applied, but the other Hittys don't seem to notice! Good luck with the wood mending job! Let us know who gets to go to NZ!

    1. Getting over it, but it still makes me feel a little bit ill! I have just bought some wood filler so I am going to have an attempt at repairing her hand.

      Hitty Madge is rather wonky as well ;-) All part of the charm really!


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