Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hitty Easter Bonnet Swap Received.

Hitty Madge is learning the ways of the household very quickly, and was first to the door this morning when she heard the door bell ring.

There was a package from America, what could it be she wondered?

To her delight a wonderful bonnet arrived from Penny our swap partner for the Easter Bonnet Swap.

Just look at this wonderful work - isn't this the most delightful Easter Bonnet you have ever seen?

Hitty Madge is delighted with it, and is hoping she can keep it hidden from the rest of us Hitty girls...but of course we are wise to the ways of the world and don't want to spoil her excitement.

Not only was there the wonderful bonnet but also a wonderful piece of fabric.

Thank you so much Penny for such a super bonnet and the fabric.

Hopefully the two parcels we sent out on Monday will arrive in time for Easter!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Jane Austen & Kimono Swaps

 Now I know that my swap gifts have arrived I thought I would post a photo of what I sent.

To Laurie in USA for the Jane Austen Swap I sent:

I thought the little rose plate was so sweet and went with the dress so had to send it as well.

The Kimono swap also went to the USA and this time to Denise

I had enough fabric left over from Hitty Patience's kimono and loved the print so much that I thought I would make another for the swap.

Friday, 8 March 2013

A change around.

We have been very busy today at Rose Cottage.  We have heard we are going to be losing our home...oh no what are we going to do.  Certainly our whole 'house' was moved today to another spot in the living room, but it just didn't fit right so we have returned to our usual corner for now, but won't be able to stay as sadly there isn't enough room for this piece of furniture as we have heard our people are moving a sideboard unit and table that was inherited into the space instead.  So sadly our dresser is going to be relegated to the garage which is really no place for us Hittys to live.

Still we enjoyed having a good reorganisation while we had the chance...

You will notice that there is still an absence of any sleeping quarters but who knows maybe when we know where we are going to be moving to, there might be the possibility of some bedrooms!

We have been told it is wishful thinking, but still we can wish!

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jane Austen Swap Dress Received

The Hittys at Rose Cottage were delighted to receive a lovely dress in the post today for the 'Jane Austen' Dress swap on Hitty Girls.

Hitty Annabelle got to wear this today she declared it just perfect thank you very much Pauline and the Hittyfield Hittys.

Later on she was to be found relaxing in the sunshine!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Kimono Swap received

Hitty Madge is delighted to be the first to wear the Kimono received from Denise for the Hitty Girls 'Kimono Swap'  She loves the little fan that came with it.

Thank you very much Denise for the lovely Kimono.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Miles on his Skateboard

Us girls at Rose Cottage feel a bit sorry for Miles, him being the only boy in our family, but he seems content enough and we had to smile when we watched outside on his skateboard this afternoon.

Of course why he doesn't feel the cold is anybodies guess!  These youngsters!