Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Hitty Easter Bonnet Swap Received.

Hitty Madge is learning the ways of the household very quickly, and was first to the door this morning when she heard the door bell ring.

There was a package from America, what could it be she wondered?

To her delight a wonderful bonnet arrived from Penny our swap partner for the Easter Bonnet Swap.

Just look at this wonderful work - isn't this the most delightful Easter Bonnet you have ever seen?

Hitty Madge is delighted with it, and is hoping she can keep it hidden from the rest of us Hitty girls...but of course we are wise to the ways of the world and don't want to spoil her excitement.

Not only was there the wonderful bonnet but also a wonderful piece of fabric.

Thank you so much Penny for such a super bonnet and the fabric.

Hopefully the two parcels we sent out on Monday will arrive in time for Easter!


  1. This really suits her, don't you think? She is such a sweetie.


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