Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hansel & Gretal and a little PIF Gift.

Hitty Joy and Hitty Carol Faith wanted to enter in for the Fairy Tale Photo Contest this month which was a scene from Hansel and Gretal.  Sadly their person didn't have enough time to make a Gretal outfit for them so they asked Ernest if he would step in to play the role.  He readily agreed, even if he was a little big.  Fortunately the witch (played by Hitty Carol Faith with her super dooper magical powers was able to overcome him and grab hold of him.  Gretal (played by Hitty Joy) was horrified.  Oh no, what is to become of them?

A little while later when things had calmed down somewhat, all the Hitty girls got together to admire the lovely pendant PIF they got sent from Denise in the US for taking part in the 'we didn't get to go to the Hitty Fun Weekend' photo fun.

Hitty Carol Faith has donned her pretty bonnet that also finally arrived after an amazingly long trip.  It matches her dressed and was missed when she packed to come here.  Fortunately Wanda noticed that Hitty Carol Faith had left it behind and sent it on.  Anyway they are admiring the beautiful little Hitty pendant cleverly made from a tile.

They have asked if they can hang it on the wall.  Why not our person agreed.

So from all of us here at Hitty Cottage, thank you very much Denise.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Carving a Hitty - Part Two

Yesterday some carving was done on the arms...

This is what they started out like.

I think our person found the arms very difficult indeed...

There were rather a few huffs and puffs and an 'Oh No!' at one stage...we decided it was probably better to be well clear of the action.

Still I think arms are indeed taking shape, although of course a lot more work needs to be done on them.

At a stretch of the imagination, these could be the beginnings of two arms.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Carving a Hitty - Part One

Our person has decided she would like to try her hand at wood carving her own Hitty.  Armed with new carving knives, gloves and a set of Hitty blanks she is all set to go.

Will these REALLY turn into a Hitty I wonder?

There are certainly lots of wood shavings happening, and yes, I think a leg might be taking shape there.

Another view...

Certainly starting to look a bit more shapely and less square now...

Let's compare with the other blank.

Hmm...still a way to go, but starting to look like a leg.

Some time later the other leg is starting to take shape as well.

I'm guessing she is going to have to take some sandpaper to these legs as well when she has finished carving them.  They are looking rather bumpy at the moment.  

Of course the next limbs to attempt will be the arms!  

Us Hittys think she is going to need some help with instructions for those!

Monday, 17 September 2012

New Dresses & Meet Billy the Goat

My person had a some sewing time in the weekend and made us these lovely dresses.

Both this one, and the one that Hitty Moana is wearing below have vintage lace inset into the sleeves.

The next three may go into her Etsy shop...

They are all so pretty.

Now we had a bit of trouble in the weekend.  Hitty Carol Faith caught wind of the Hitty Gathering that was happening and got into a bit of a strop and had a temper tantrum...

Flailing and kicking her arms and legs in the air like a 'terrible two's toddler' she was and poor Hitty Granny Estelle had the job of trying to settle her down.

Fortunately it didn't take too long as Billy the Goat had arrived to join our Hitty family, kindly sent to us from Sherry in the US for winning a photo competition on Hitty Girls.

As you can see from my face, I was a bit wary, but Hitty Carol Faith went right up to Billy and gave him a great big hug and Hitty Granny Estelle surprised us all and showed no fear either.  Hitty Ethel was next in line to give him a hug as well.  Good thing we have plenty of grass for him in the garden for him to eat!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Last Gasp of Summer Swap Dress Arrives

Have Hitty, will swap!  One of the lovely things about being involved with other Hitty girls is the swaps we like to take part in.  When a little package arrived in the post today, Hitty Ethel was the first to the letter box, ripped it open and had the dress on before the others could even blink an eyelid!  She may have looked like she was sitting all quiet in her own little world sewing away, but she had been keeping a keen lookout for a package from the US.  

Taking part in the Hitty Girls 'Last Gasp of Summer Swap' was great fun, and Hitty Ethel (and the other girls) were thrilled to receive this gorgeous sea shell dress, complete with lovely necklace and oh so cute jar with little shells in it.

Thank you so much JOC!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A new dress for Hitty Moana, and meeting the new girl

When Hitty Moana arrived from the US, Fung Hicks also very kindly sent some lovely fabrics, so it only seemed fair that the first dress made from those fabrics should be for her.  The Hittys had been complaining that the last couple of days have been colder and were asking for some dresses more suitable to Autumn and Winter.  So of course their person thought she had better set to and start making some.  Well after sitting the the sewing studio procrastinating for some time a dress was made!

Very nice it is too Hitty Moana thinks as she tries it on.

Now where is the new Hitty we have been hearing about?

She is over here! calls Hitty Patience.

Hitty Moana wanders over to find Hitty Carol sitting on the floor holding her head.

Oh dear, oh dear, I came over quite faint,  she says.  My legs, just don't seem to want to hold me up today, they have the wobbles.

What do you mean? Hitty Patience asks.  Our legs don't wobble.

She helps Hitty Carol up.

My, you are tall aren't you!   Hitty Moana exclaims.

Shhh...don't be rude  Hitty Patience says to Hitty Moana.

Hitty Carol turns to Hitty Patience

Oh don't please worry on my behalf.  Hitty Carol tells her.  I am used to such comments.  It comes from me being fully jointed with ball joints.  I am number one.  

Number one?  What does that mean?  Hitty Patience asks.

Well you see, the lady who carved me, Wanda Harrigan, says I am the first ball jointed Hitty she has carved, so I guess that makes me sort of special.  Hitty Carol explains.

Oh we are all special.  Hitty Moana tells her.  Come lets meet the others.

Hitty Patience helps Hitty Carol to sit down, thinking she will be more comfortable that way.  Hitty Moana heads off to get the tea tray that Hitty Granny Estelle has been preparing, while Hitty Ethel is in her own little world sewing.

A Holiday in Cornwall for Hitty Patience & Moana - Part Four

The beginning of our holiday in Cornwall looked rather bleak with grey overcast skies and drizzly rain.  Still we braved the weather on Sunday 2nd September to go into Padstow.

Fortunately although the weather wasn't the best, one thing it wasn't and that was windy.  A little later on the drizzle eased off and Hitty Moana and I were able to go down the beach...

The sand was lovely beneath our feet and we enjoyed looking out over the estuary.  It was even better than I'd seen Friday evening.  

Here we are enjoying the sand before we made our way back to the town.  As we were making our way back we could hear music playing.

Our person, having been a musician, before she had to stop playing due to surgery and the resulting chronic neuropathic pain, just had to stop with us to have a listen.  It brought back fond memories of her band playing days.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Holiday in Cornwall for Hitty Patience & Moana - Part Three

Hitty Patience couldn't wait the day we arrived to go for a walk along the Camel Trail

She was delighted to find a bird watching hide.  

The tide was out along the Camel Estuary

Once Hitty Patience got back to the cottage, she pointed out to Hitty Moana the estuary and told her about her afternoon walk and suggested they go there together sometime.

Monday, 10 September 2012

A Holiday in Cornwall for Hitty Patience & Moana - Part Two

Hitty Moana & I enjoyed St Ives and especially the museum we went into where we saw all sorts of fascinating history on St Ives.  Within the museum were lots of cats to recognise the part cats have played within the history of St Ives as well which brings to mind the rhyme....

As I was going to St Ives
I met a man with seven wives
Every wife had seven sacks
Every sack had seven cats
Every cat had seven kits
Kits, cats, sacks, wives.

We especially enjoyed the doll collection display and would dearly have loved to have taken a photograph or two, but unfortunately no photography was allowed.  Our person had hoped to have found a Cornish carved wooden doll in the style they used to make (there were several originals on display in the museum) but sadly there didn't seem to be any of those sorts of handcrafts available.

The following day we went to Tintagel Castle.  My what a climb that was!

We took plenty of opportunity to rest.  Hitty Moana here is enjoying the little dainty flowers.

We were fascinated by the formation and colouration of the rocks...

Most of all though we enjoyed taking in the sea view together with our thoughts.

The views really were spectacular (and if you want to see more you can find them here)

So awe inspiring.  Hitty Moana wondered whether it was possible to see New Zealand from here...

I had to explain just how far away it was so very unlikely indeed!