Sunday, 30 September 2012

Hansel & Gretal and a little PIF Gift.

Hitty Joy and Hitty Carol Faith wanted to enter in for the Fairy Tale Photo Contest this month which was a scene from Hansel and Gretal.  Sadly their person didn't have enough time to make a Gretal outfit for them so they asked Ernest if he would step in to play the role.  He readily agreed, even if he was a little big.  Fortunately the witch (played by Hitty Carol Faith with her super dooper magical powers was able to overcome him and grab hold of him.  Gretal (played by Hitty Joy) was horrified.  Oh no, what is to become of them?

A little while later when things had calmed down somewhat, all the Hitty girls got together to admire the lovely pendant PIF they got sent from Denise in the US for taking part in the 'we didn't get to go to the Hitty Fun Weekend' photo fun.

Hitty Carol Faith has donned her pretty bonnet that also finally arrived after an amazingly long trip.  It matches her dressed and was missed when she packed to come here.  Fortunately Wanda noticed that Hitty Carol Faith had left it behind and sent it on.  Anyway they are admiring the beautiful little Hitty pendant cleverly made from a tile.

They have asked if they can hang it on the wall.  Why not our person agreed.

So from all of us here at Hitty Cottage, thank you very much Denise.


  1. Very nice PIF gifts! And great idea to hang it on the wall for all to enjoy. :o)

  2. It will be lovely on the wall of Rose Cottage! I'm glad the girls are enjoying it.


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