Friday, 14 September 2012

Last Gasp of Summer Swap Dress Arrives

Have Hitty, will swap!  One of the lovely things about being involved with other Hitty girls is the swaps we like to take part in.  When a little package arrived in the post today, Hitty Ethel was the first to the letter box, ripped it open and had the dress on before the others could even blink an eyelid!  She may have looked like she was sitting all quiet in her own little world sewing away, but she had been keeping a keen lookout for a package from the US.  

Taking part in the Hitty Girls 'Last Gasp of Summer Swap' was great fun, and Hitty Ethel (and the other girls) were thrilled to receive this gorgeous sea shell dress, complete with lovely necklace and oh so cute jar with little shells in it.

Thank you so much JOC!

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  1. Very pretty! What a great idea to make a necklace with a tiny shell. It's perfect for her!


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