Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A new dress for Hitty Moana, and meeting the new girl

When Hitty Moana arrived from the US, Fung Hicks also very kindly sent some lovely fabrics, so it only seemed fair that the first dress made from those fabrics should be for her.  The Hittys had been complaining that the last couple of days have been colder and were asking for some dresses more suitable to Autumn and Winter.  So of course their person thought she had better set to and start making some.  Well after sitting the the sewing studio procrastinating for some time a dress was made!

Very nice it is too Hitty Moana thinks as she tries it on.

Now where is the new Hitty we have been hearing about?

She is over here! calls Hitty Patience.

Hitty Moana wanders over to find Hitty Carol sitting on the floor holding her head.

Oh dear, oh dear, I came over quite faint,  she says.  My legs, just don't seem to want to hold me up today, they have the wobbles.

What do you mean? Hitty Patience asks.  Our legs don't wobble.

She helps Hitty Carol up.

My, you are tall aren't you!   Hitty Moana exclaims.

Shhh...don't be rude  Hitty Patience says to Hitty Moana.

Hitty Carol turns to Hitty Patience

Oh don't please worry on my behalf.  Hitty Carol tells her.  I am used to such comments.  It comes from me being fully jointed with ball joints.  I am number one.  

Number one?  What does that mean?  Hitty Patience asks.

Well you see, the lady who carved me, Wanda Harrigan, says I am the first ball jointed Hitty she has carved, so I guess that makes me sort of special.  Hitty Carol explains.

Oh we are all special.  Hitty Moana tells her.  Come lets meet the others.

Hitty Patience helps Hitty Carol to sit down, thinking she will be more comfortable that way.  Hitty Moana heads off to get the tea tray that Hitty Granny Estelle has been preparing, while Hitty Ethel is in her own little world sewing.

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  1. Congrats on another wonderful Hitty! How fun to have one with ball joints, and the first like her from the artist! She has a lovely face.
    Hitty Moana's dress is also very nice. Your display of Hittys is very charming!


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