Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Holiday in Cornwall for Hitty Patience & Moana - Part One

Hitty Patience & Hitty Moana got to go on holiday to Cornwall this last week and had a really lovely time indeed.

Look Hitty Moana, Hitty Patience points towards 'A Lady lying in the garden'

She looks like she is asleep!

She certainly does, replies Hitty Moana.  What an amazing sculpture.

I do so love flowers of every kind.  Hitty Patience tells Hitty Moana.  

I do as well Hitty Patience, although of course I have a close affinity with trees as well.  Hitty Moana says.

Lets have a little rest here

Oh my, oh my, oh my Hitty Moana exclaims!  Will you just look what we have here!

Hitty Moana, being made from New Zealand Kauri is very excited to see that the gardens contain some trees from New Zealand as well.

A proud Hitty Moana stands in front of another notice telling about the New Zealand gardens.

With all that excitement the girls sit down for another little rest so they can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the New Zealand Garden. Hitty Moana has deep thoughts or memories hiding just below the surface waiting to come out of times distant and past.

They pose in front of a Ponga carving.

Just look at this wonderful view Hitty Patience sighs....

More photos of The Lost Garden of Heligan can be seen here  and here 


  1. What a great garden, Quimper Hittys liked the mud woman.

  2. What a wonderful, fascinating place! Looks like a very memorable trip.


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