Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Holiday in Cornwall for Hitty Patience & Moana - Part Four

The beginning of our holiday in Cornwall looked rather bleak with grey overcast skies and drizzly rain.  Still we braved the weather on Sunday 2nd September to go into Padstow.

Fortunately although the weather wasn't the best, one thing it wasn't and that was windy.  A little later on the drizzle eased off and Hitty Moana and I were able to go down the beach...

The sand was lovely beneath our feet and we enjoyed looking out over the estuary.  It was even better than I'd seen Friday evening.  

Here we are enjoying the sand before we made our way back to the town.  As we were making our way back we could hear music playing.

Our person, having been a musician, before she had to stop playing due to surgery and the resulting chronic neuropathic pain, just had to stop with us to have a listen.  It brought back fond memories of her band playing days.

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