Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A most perfect day.

What a glorious day it was today.

Hitty Madge enjoyed the sunshine very much indeed.

The flowers at Audley End looked splendid.

As did the various displays.  

It really was a most perfect day.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sewing on Saturday

Hitty Ethel has been kept busy today doing even more sewing, but then as it has been a rainy day, sometimes that is the best use of time.  A Christmas dress has been made for Hitty Serenata plus she made a dress for Hitty Madge for the KnittyHittys 'Keep your face to the Sunshine' Challenge.

We don't have any sun flowers, but we do have some pretty yellow marigolds and the yellow 'bee' dress is just perfect to represent the busy bees pollinating at this time of year.

Hitty Serenata was also pleased to have her necklace made.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Finishing Hitty 8 and 9

So the two new Hitty girls are finished - well almost.

Rather chunky girls, but the stand and balance well.

Side profiles

Hitty 9 and Hitty 8 side by side

Hitty 8

Hitty 9

Drying after their first coat of sealer - they were then sanded and coated again.

In all their 'glory'

Dressed - in 'Rose' dresses.

Hitty 9 is for a friend I am doing a swap with so I am making her a little wardrobe to go with her.

This is her second dress with long sleeves for the cooler weather.

Still to make:

Christmas Dress
Spring Dress.

Her pantaloons are made, she is wearing those.

Hitty Ethel checks the dress for size, making sure it fits properlyl.

Also finished today are my items for the Hitty Girls Anniversary Challenge 'Undergarments' swap...but I can't show you those yet...but this is what I made them from:

A pretty vintage cotton handkerchief with delicate lace edging.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Carving Hitty 8 and 9

I first posted about Hitty 8 here.  I put her away for a while to 'think' about.

I started Hitty 9 a few days ago and have been working on her a little at a time to save my arm and hand from getting too much pain.  This is working out much better for me, although it does take longer.  But I am enjoying this process to see a little more emerge each time.

Hitty 9 blanks.

Starting work

A profile forming.


Hitty 9 and Hitty 8 side by side

I have done a little more work on Hitty 8 as well - trying to round out her face a little more and adding her features.

They are getting there.  More work was done on Hitty 9's limbs today.

They are starting to show their characters.