Saturday, 20 August 2016

Sewing on Saturday

Hitty Ethel has been kept busy today doing even more sewing, but then as it has been a rainy day, sometimes that is the best use of time.  A Christmas dress has been made for Hitty Serenata plus she made a dress for Hitty Madge for the KnittyHittys 'Keep your face to the Sunshine' Challenge.

We don't have any sun flowers, but we do have some pretty yellow marigolds and the yellow 'bee' dress is just perfect to represent the busy bees pollinating at this time of year.

Hitty Serenata was also pleased to have her necklace made.


  1. I think the name Serenata fits her perfectly, as she has such a serene expression :-)

    Looks like the sewing room has been very busy!



  2. Now I see Serenata at the beginning of her adventure! She looks excited to be getting her wardrobe all assembled.


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