Friday, 5 October 2012

Carving a Hitty - Part Three

Hitty Patience made a passing comment today that she wondered how the wood carving was coming along.  

Hint taken!

The difficult part, shaping the head and body.

Sometimes more comes off than you want or expected!  So some fine tuning is required.

Starting to take shape.

I don't think Hitty Patience is quite convinced yet that this is going to become another member of the Hitty family at Rose Cottage.  We shall see....


  1. Looks good to me! I admire your willingness to take on such things. After my first attempt, I decided that I'd like to keep all my fingers! LOL!

    I love the dress & pinafore Hitty Patience is wearing. It looks darling on her.

    Please check your email in a few. :o)

  2. Good start! You have a lot of roughout to do! Keep at it it will get better:-)


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