Sunday, 17 August 2014

Swaps - Camp Piney Woods and Peanut Fabric Swap.

Well we all had a lovely time at Camp Piney Woods, but it seems we didn''t actually take many photos of our activities!  

This fact was brought home to us when we received our super Camp Piney Woods Swap package the other day, so we have made up for it with taking photos of each of the wonderful gifts in our package.

Miles was thrilled with the fishing rod and little bucket and can't wait to to fishing with it.

Hitty Moana thinks this hat will be just perfect for the colder months.

I am delighted with this little heart necklace...fortunately everyone else have such big heads, this only fitted me!  

Hitty Madge admires the sitting mat and sleeping bag - lovely bright and colourful.

She was also delighted with the lovely postcards.

Aren't they wonderful?

Hitty Madge also tried on the wonderful shawl and is looking forward to having a dress made from the Civil War fabrics to match it.

Side view.

In the package we also received some fabric for the 'Hitty Girls Peanut Swap'  We had to have a little giggle as one of the peanut pieces  (the blue rose stripes) was the fabric we had sent for the swap!  

These are fun aren't they?

Later on...

The WIP pile - some dresses drawn up and cut out ready to sew up.

One dress was made today with the beautiful butterfly fabric 

Hitty Madge is delighted with this dress.  She thinks the shawl might go nicely with it as well,

as indeed it does.


  1. Hi Lorraine! I have a new blog and hope you will visit me there. DollsofanEra is still up but I have not been able to access it since Blogger & yahoo are having issues. :o( Please visit my new blog when you can. I'm just so happy to be able to comment on my favorite blogs again!
    So nice to see that all your gang had a fun time. Take care!
    new blog....

    1. Lovely to have your new blog link - thank you :-) Have book marked it

  2. It is always so nice to see you Rose Cottage girls having fun - and it is always nice to see a WIP pile diminishing with such lovely results!

    1. Thank you. Trouble is our person seems to have gone awol and apart from helping us reorganise Rose Cottage when it had to be relocated very recently, we haven't seen hide nor hair of her!

  3. Oh My Camp Piney Woods, brings back so many memories. I sent off Hitty Buzby just after I had carved her and worried like CraZy the whole time she was away - meanwhile she had a Blast! Did you actually have to send off your girls or is it different now? Wonderful swap goodies, and Hitty Madge always touches my heart - her sweet shawl is so Beautiful with her Butterfly dress - They all got such Wonderful Goodies! ~ LuV, TiGGy

    1. How wonderful that Hitty Buzby got to got to an ACTUAL camp. They seem to be virtual camps now, although we still had a lot of fun.

  4. Oh, Dear Hitty Madge,
    We are thrilled to see all the lovely items you received to share with the others at Rose Cottage and that your Person seems to be providing you with fabric and patterns for new clothing. Do you do the sewing, or does the Person act as dressmaker too?
    We are still a little hazy about the WIP challenge at Hitty Girls - do we need to sign up for the challenge or merely finish and photograph items? We are behind with our work, as always, and need the boost of a challege to get us working.
    Sorry we are late in respondng to your post. Our Person is suffering from internet-phobia and seems to be avoiding the computering machine.
    Lots of love,
    Roberta N-Q-H xxxx

    1. Dear Roberta N-Q-H, so lovely to hear from you. We were all wondering how you were getting on with the upheavals you have had recently. You post photos in the WIP album on Hitty Girls and then repost photos of the things you have completed for the challenge.

      Hitty Ethel is our seamstress, and although she is willing it seems she is waiting for the fabric to be brought into the sewing room of Rose Cottage as she is wanting to get on with some work, but hasn't been able to as our person seems to have 'packed it away'.

      Our person seems to have been avoiding the internet to some extent as well...I wonder if it is something 'in the air'

      Love Hitty Madge & the Rose Cottage Hittys.

    2. Oh, Madge
      We have had a very terible summer. We were dragged off on enormous boats to a land across the sea and then SHE LEFT US IN OUR TRAVEL BAG FOR WEEKS! Unbelieveable, isn't it? We couldn't hibernate because the bag kept being moved around so much and was very hot and stuffy, but we couldn't see out either!

      Since we came out, we have been watching something called 'Upstairs, Downstairs' and something called 'Downton Abbey' on the noise-and-moving-picture-box and my sympathy is very much with the lowliest of the servants in each. I know just how they feel, no rest and none of life's luxuries. I feel cast down and akin to a little scullery maid.

      But we are going home this week and are a little more settled. I am about to forgive the Person but hope there might be some little treats forthcoming in recompense for our recent discomfort. I think your Person is better about these things than ours.

      It seems those Guatamalan orphan girls will be moving in with us directly and I am sure their youthful cheer will lift my flagging spirits. Though it will mean more clothing and furniture to be found.........

      Could you ask Hitty Ethel what make her sewing machine is, please. The Person being so slow at completing WIP items, I may have to turn dressmaker and give up the lace-making and fine embroidery, just to keep us all clothed. A Hitty's work is never done! But I might enjoy dressmaking if I don't have to do it all by hand.

      I do so wish I had a decent kitchen of my own to work in. Living in a shoebox, no matter how temporary, is not ideal.

      With my love (and a promise to be more cheerful next time)
      Roberta N-Q-Hitty


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