Monday, 22 September 2014

Autumn has arrived.

Autumn is upon us, falling leaves abound, colours reds, browns and goldens fall to the ground.
Conkers are collected, apples are harvested, crumbles are eaten as the days get cooler and the nights draw in.  

Hitty Madge is the first to change into a dress more suited to the Autumn, the first dress made from the Civil War fabrics.


  1. Oh, Hitty Madge! You look wonderful in your new dress. So few ladies can carry browns without looking but, with your compexion, you look beautiful. Is the glitter I spy at you neckline a necklace or decoration on the dress?
    We discovered another Hitty hiding inside a piece of cedar wood but are not sure that our person is quite the right one to turn to in order to release her so she can live with us. Do keep your fingers crossed that she will eventually appear with head, body, legs and arms!
    With our love,
    Mary and Roberta xxx

  2. Beautiful Madge, in a lovely Fall dress - enjoy the crumbles - with fresh cream I hope!


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