Friday, 26 September 2014

Hitty Cherry sets off for NEW ADVENTURES

It all happened in quite a rush....Hitty Cherry didn't even get a chance to pack her bags...although she didn't in all honesty have much to pack, nor did she own a bag...but that is what you say isn't it when someone has to leave in a hurry?  

Anyway us girls (and boy of course) at Rose Cottage want to wish Hitty Cherry all the best in her new adventures.  We have already had a couple of photos of her in her new home and she has settled in straight away.  Fortunately she doesn't live too far away from us so we are hoping she will come back to visit...and perhaps for the opening of Hitty Joyful's Tea Room....whenever that will be we are not quite sure!

Upon her arrival in her new home she promptly put on a new apron, found the perfect chair and claimed her own skull!  Apparently that is a pre-requisite of her new home... to like skulls...and she is quite happy to oblige, as she secretly had a hankering after one anyway!

Of course this means we now also have a new member in the UK Hitty Girls Group


  1. Oh my!!! Hitty Cherry is just as lovely as can be! I had no idea you sent Hittys off on Adventures. I would LOVE to adopt a Hitty from you, Lorraine! She would be so special...Please email me if you are thinking about creating another Hitty and you can let me know the adoption fee, etc.
    Vicki of Hittyville

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely compliments. I have sent you an email Vicki.

  2. When you next see Hitty Cherry, pass on our best wishes to her. We hope she will be very happy in her new home. Do they have all year round Hallowe'en there? She is a sweet lady and we can see a little family resemblance to dear Hitty Madge.
    Roberta and Mary N-Q-H xxx

  3. Hitty Cherry is a dear young woman, and an ornament to her kind. We Quimper Hittys admire her penchant for skulls, our own poor Yorick would send his compliments if he could!


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