Thursday, 11 December 2014

Hitty Girls Christmas Stocking Swap Received...

Well much excitement in Rose Cottage today.

A fabulous parcel arrived from Sherry in the was our Hitty Christmas Stocking Swap.  

So many parcels!

What a absolutely wonderful array of gifts, we really were quite stunned.

Hitty Mary Jean, Hitty Madge & Hitty Leonarda were the lucky girls to open the gifts and they took them up to the children's room.  Brittany was thrilled with the little baby.  Miles thought the stocking was 'cool'. 

Hitty Mary Jean holds out the little doll as well and has tried on the apron and thinks it is just perfect.

So sweet.

A couple of the little decorations we put on the chest... until we have somewhere we can hang them from.

Another little decoration beside the stable.

The star was hung on the tree and it is all looking very festive indeed.

So lovely.

Becassine is showing Hitty June the other Nativity scene she found while out shopping for the family.

Such fun!

Thank you Sherry and the Country Hittys for the absolutely stunning gifts

We have to wait until we know that Sherry has received ours before we can show what we sent.

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  1. Really nice to see your festive Hitty Shelf! What a nice treasure-packed envelope to get in the post!


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