Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hitty Mischievous visit is soon coming to an end....

Hitty Perdita Mischievous' visit is coming to an end....there are still a few things she wants to 'experience' before she leaves on Monday.

Today she joined Hitty Madge in visiting some friends where she had her first 'experience' - English Fish and Chips....she decided to pass of the mushy peas business.


For the life of her she couldn't quite figure out why anyone would want to eat peas all mushed up like baby food - she had her teeth still so didn't need her food puréed.   

Once home she decided to look up just what Mushy Peas were...as they were a brighter green than expected....no one in Rose Cottage could give her an explanation....

It seems they aren't just 'peas mashed up' but rather dried marrowfat peas which are soaked overnight in water with baking soda (bicarbonate soda) then rinsed in fresh water and simmered with a little sugar and salt until they form a thick green lumpy soup.   They are a traditional accompaniment to fish and chips in Northern England and the Midlands.    Sometimes mint is used as a flavouring and quite often food colouring is added to enhance the colour.

Quite frankly we all agreed after reading this we would rather stick to peas 'a la natural'   unadulterated without all the additives!

She did enjoy her fish and chips very much though!


  1. I never knew that is what mushy peas were! I wonder if it is the same as pease porrige (hot, or cold or nine days old)?

    1. Not sure, but that nursery rhyme is based on a porridge (or pottage) made from peas!

  2. Mushy peas must be kin to our split pea soup, I imagine, but standing! I am glad Hitty PM got to enjoy the fish & chips - looks warm and delicious!

    1. I don't really know, perhaps...but it didn't look too nice to us! The fish & chips were very nice though.


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