Monday, 2 June 2014

A busy time...

It has been a few days in the Hitty household.

'Miss Flower' (myself, Hitty Patience) and 'Miss Happiness' (Hitty Joyful) have a Japanese screen, one of the craft challenges in the Book Discussion 

We also made a Japanese Flower Arrangement.

Our person took part in a WIP Challenge and managed to get a couple more things finished...

A cradle and some bedding for Hitty Madge

She said she won't make a carpenter...lacking for the correct tools and wood, but Hitty Madge says if the bed fits....

...sleep in it.... she did!

Another finished WIP was a little scrap quilt made from squares from the 'A Dozen Roses' for Hitty Madge

This is a little quilt mat for underneath Hitty Madge's new chest.

Work was also done on Hitty Three

It is interesting how when photos are taken you can notice areas that need work that you didn't notice before....the face isn't right, especially her right hand side (the left looking at her)

Once some alterations were made she was sanded and varnished with a clear matt varnish ready for painting.  The pegs were then fixed in properly

The faces are especially difficult to do...hoping her face will look a bit better once painted.

Side profile looks okay though.


  1. As if the two adorable patchworks, the screen, and the flower arrangement weren't enough...YOUR CARVING A HITTY!!! I am so impressed, she looks amazing and you are very brave!

    1. Thanks so much Natalie Jo. I am quite pleased with how she turned out in the is always difficult when you do these see all the faults, but can't always correct them!

  2. Such an industrious bunch! Hitty Jean is waving from across the pond!


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