Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hitty Fan Swap - Sent & Received plus a Japanese Table.

Miss Happiness (aka Hitty Joyful) was delighted to receive a package today in which was a lovely fan made by Rochelle with real gilt handle!

She said it was perfect for sitting in the sun to cool her down when it got a little hot.

Of course we are not sure it is at all hot at the moment!

This is the fan and little extra gift - a silk cushion - that we sent to Rochelle and her Hitty family.

I have made us a little Japanese Table which is part of the craft challenge for week six of the Book Discussion: Miss Happiness & Miss Flower

I am setting it into place.

It has our little Japanese flower arrangement on it as well as our copy of the book.


Upstairs, Brittany, Miles and Lucy are enjoying some time together.

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  1. I am glad to see your Hitty family is keeping you busy and entertained, never a boring moment at Rose Cottage! I love your Japanese assemblage!


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