Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Hitty Madge spends some time in Arizona

Hitty Madge at the airport in San Francisco, just before boarding for Phoenix

Hitty Madge enjoyed Sedona and the beautiful stunning landscapes.

The weather was glorious, the sky blue and the temperatures very warm.

The jail house at Jerome, a small town on the side of the Mingus Mountain in Central Arizona.  This jail house slide down the mountain 225 feet from its original location.

Hitty Madge meets a statue of Sedona

Taking a ride in her basket.

Arriving at the Grand Canyon, Hitty Madge wasn't sure what to expect...

She certainly wasn't disappointed, the incredible vastness off the Canyon was awe inspiring.

This was taken at Montezuma's Well

The Double Eagle Trading Co. where Hitty Madge found some fabulous keys perfect for the Piney Wood Camp swap.

Having a chat...

Admiring the jewellery.

On the way home Hitty Madge admires the sunset at Newark Airport.

Hitty Madge with her 'cowboy' hat shows the Navejo weaved rug she brought home for Rose Cottage.

We admire the workmanship of this rug.

Hitty Madge shows off her hat.

Hitty Madge also escorted a new member to our family home from the USA.   The new girl, who is to be named Hitty Sedona, meets Hitty Carol Faith.

The introduce each other.

Hitty Madge was also delighted to bring home this gorgeous quilt that our person bought at the Sasha Festival.  We think it is just beautiful.


  1. What a wonderful trip you had! We were just in Arizona a couple of months ago and always enjoy it. I'm glad you have such a lovely rug as a souvenir.

    ~ Kiki

  2. Hitty Madge is a great traveller - I appreciate her insights into local culture... Lovely souvenirs too!


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