Saturday, 12 July 2014

Preparing for Camp Piney Woods

Hitty Madge has received a fantastic gift in the post from Helen & the Oakbrook Hittys.  It is perfect for camp and she can't wait to try it out....yes it is hanging round her neck and is a whistle!  

She gathers all of us round to tell us about Camp Piney Woods and that we need to start preparing for camp as there is lots to do!

The campsite 'Kaihikatea Haven' has been selected and there will be four cabins for us to split up into; Tui, Kōkako, Pukeko and Fantail, all named after New Zealand birds.

She counts us out...there are fifteen of us!  How did that happen she wonders....

Of course we may not all want to attend....I am thinking that Hitty Granny Estelle and Becassine will be wanting some time on their own for a while.

We decide on the cabin names and split ourselves into different groups - three to a group apart from one which has the two children in it.

Our cabins are named after native New Zealand birds.

Cabin Tui:  Hitty Madge, Hitty Joyful & Hitty Moana

Cabin Kokako:  Myself (Hitty Patience), Hitty Cherry Jude & Hitty June

Cabin Pukeko:  Hitty Annabel, Hitty Ethel, Brittany & Miles

Cabin Fantail:  Hitty Carol Faith, Hitty Scary & Hitty Sedona

Things we need to make in order to camp!

Sleeping bags
Cushions - something to sit on.

Fortunately Hitty Madge found the perfect little gifts for the Five Gift Swap.

Cute little cabin keys.


  1. Look at the big group you have there! I love the names of the cabins, being a bird watcher myself. I look forward to seeing what everyone does at camp. :)
    ~ Kiki

  2. Oh My I sent Hitty Buzby to Camp Piney Woods years ago, and worried about her like sending off a little kid the whole time, meanwhile Hitty Buzby was having a Blast!

    Your camp looks like so Much Fun, Cant wait to see more of the cabins, Love those keys!
    LuV, TiGGy - (who is surely glowing behind a tree somewhere there :)


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