Saturday, 26 July 2014

Working on Hitty Number Four

One of my WIP photos for June & July...

I have made progress on one of the Hittys...just not the walnut one which is like carving concrete!

So far this is where I have got up to with Hitty Number 4

I am a bit stumped on the mouth...I can't figure out how on earth to carve a mouth and lips!

She still needs some 'fine tuning'

But is slowly getting there.

I quite like the side profiles...

It is just the face on one that is still not quite right.  I think her head needs to be rounded more.  Plus her legs need to be worked on.


  1. Hi Lorraine
    She's really coming along very well. I love her firm stance and her hair is wonderful. I thik I can already see the beginnings of her mouth.
    I have been too cowardly to have a go so far but would really like to try. Whay knd of knife are you using?
    Who is the little boy alongside the blanks packages?
    Jenni xx

    1. The boy is the one I got through Hitty Girls during the last order...there is currently another chance on the group to order one...I think they close end of this month.

      The knives I used are on this blog...put a search in for carving or knives/or both and it should come up...if not let me know and I will find it for you.

  2. Getting There! Mouths are super hard, they need a lot of practice, and in my case a good teacher, or three.

  3. Mouths are hard. I needed a lot of experience and a good teacher or three to make them come out right!

  4. ooooh!!! More Hittys!! Always exciting to work on new dollies. I'm useless at mouths so I have no advice!!


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