Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hitty Madge at Ashridge Estate

Some quiet contemplation time at Ashridge Estate

The sun was shining and the birds were singing...all was good.

What is this?

Looks rather like the hole Alice fell down!


  1. Hello Hitty Madge
    I've missed you so much as I couldn't get your blog to open. I've reregistered and hope to keep up with all your news. The Not-Quite-Hitty Girls send their love.
    Jenni xx

    1. Oh I wonder why that was? Glad you've managed to re-register. :-)

    2. Odd, isn't it? If you look at your followers for this blog, you'll see our little house which is the registration that doesn't work now, and the new one - me as a 4 yr old with my first real doll, Peter, which I'll use from now on. Not sure if it is my incompetence, a gremlin in my internet (lots of odd things happening there) or Blogger rejecting me!
      Glad to be back. Hitty Madge is a special little lady and I like to see what she and her friends are up to.

    3. Oh we have had similar little flower icon disappeared and I can't seem to 'put it back' and now we are just a silhouette head....not so much fun...but try as I might it seems to be impossible to reinstate it, not sure what I did to lose it either.


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