Monday, 24 August 2015

The last few days at Rose Cottage

Hitty Mary Jean has been dedicating her week to acrobatic practice....

Hitty Madge has discovered new blossom on the pear tree - the weather we have been having during our so called summer has obviously confused it somewhat.

Hitty Natalie Rose is delighted by the rose 'Oranges and Lemons' 

She thinks that roses are just perfect for making you want to smile.

Meanwhile today, a few of the Hittys decided that as it was pouring with rain, then what better to do but to have lunch at the Rose Cottage Tearooms.

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  1. Good for Hitty Mary Jean for finding a way to get the kinks out - and I wonder if the lovely Madge is thinking about spring in NZ! I love the glow from the rose on Hitty Natalie Rose, and for sure and certain Restorative cups of tea are good for pretty well anything that ails you!


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