Friday, 30 October 2015

Disgruntled Hittys take matters into their own hands.

There are some rather disgruntled Hittys at Rose Cottage at the moment....they, or rather we think we have been rather neglected of late.  A group of us couldn't believe it was already 30th October and there had been no preparations whatsoever for 31st October.  This would never do!

The girls discussed the seriousness of the situation and decided they would have to take matters into their own hands.

The set to work decorating.

Hitty Leonarda seemed to be in charge.  Looks like another has already found her costume!

Some seem to be working hard at the decorations...others seem to be taking a more relaxed attitude!

Preparations almost complete!

At least there doesn't seem to be any magic tricks involved this year!


  1. Great (scary!!) decorations at Rose Cottage!

  2. great photos...funny and sweet~~

  3. They did a good job decorating. Ghost looks scary.

  4. It's a pleasant thing to find Hittys working together to celebrate the holiday. Goodness, there are a heap of them! (Many wooden hands - light work!)

  5. The Quimper Hittys admire the Rose Cottage Hittys for their perseverance, and decided to emulate them! We almost skipped Halloween in the human household this year, but the Hittys stamped their little wooden feet was a bit like being swarmed by a marimba si the treats were bought and the porch pumpkins lit! Then we all had fun after all!


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