Thursday, 30 July 2015

Hitty Madge in Texas

Hitty Madge travelled to Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas with Henry the other week to attend the Sasha Festival.  She was delighted to meet two other Hitty girls!

They spend some time chatting on the first evening and pose together for a photograph.

It was so nice to meet some other Hitty lovers and all three Hittys were their person's first carved Hitty.

Hitty Madge explores the local area with Henry (most photos on his blog)

Hitty Madge also enjoys the Botanic Gardens with Henry and Wren, her two travelling friends.

For anyone who is interested in seeing more photos - they can be found here.


  1. Oh what a fun trip! Lucky for Henry and lucky for Wren and Madge! Thanks very much for the pictures!

  2. I hope they saw some Bluebonnets and Indian Paints, and got to visit the river. I'm a former Texan from this area, and I think Josie and Eileen are two great hostesses and tour guides. Patience is the best little thing at listening and understanding. I know she and Madge had some long talks.


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