Monday, 6 July 2015

Two more arrivals at Rose Cottage!

It seems our person is a soft touch when it comes to us Hitty girls....when she saw that two of our relatives were being placed for adoption here in England, she couldn't resist working out how to bring them home to Rose Cottage.  Fortunately a couple of other small people (aka dolls, but not us Hittys) were willing to move on to new places and once they had found homes, we were able to offer a place to the two Hitty girls.

Hitty Rimu and Hitty Moana welcome their 'carved' sister, Hitty Phoebe.

They have a big family reunion hug.

Meanwhile Hitty Madge, Hitty Natalie Rose and Hitty Joyful welcome the other Hitty girl who is yet to tell us her name.   We realised she only had her undergarments - which will never do - she didn't even have bloomers!  We suggested we take her upstairs to see Hitty Ethel.

Hitty Ethel was able to give her a dress to wear and said she will get right on to the bloomer/pantaloon making!

The girls go outside to pose for their arrival portraits.

Hitty Phoebe

Hitty soon to be named. (Possibly Tania, in honour of a friend coming to visit today)

Not the best portrait - we might have to get our photographer to take another!

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  1. No resistance to Hitty - I know that feeling. I am sure they will be good company - they certainly are in good company!!


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