Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hitty Madge takes Hitty Natalie Rose to the Garden of the Rose.

It was the perfect afternoon for an outing, so Hitty Madge decided to take Hitty Natalie Rose the Garden of the Rose in St Albans.  She was pretty sure that the afternoon would be very enjoyable and that Hitty Natalie Rose would love it there.

She was not wrong either!  Hitty Natalie Rose adored the rose gardens and insisted they had their photo taken together at ever opportunity.

They sat a while and contemplated the sights and smells that surrounded them.

Hitty Natalie Rose, was astounded by all the different varieties.

She told Hitty Madge how happy she was to be able to see such wonderful flowers and visit such a place.

Hitty Madge told Hitty Natalie Rose that was why she loved roses so much and also why she felt really lucky to live so close to such a wonderful place.

So many roses, such gorgeous scent.

It made them feel quite giddy with delight.

They sit together for a while

Have their individual portraits taken.

Two very happy Hitty Girls.

A final pose at the entrance & exit before they left.  


  1. Of course the Rose Cottage Hittys would visit a Rose Garden - such idyllic scenes of loveliness - thanks for sharing the rose excursion!

  2. Dear Hitty Patience and all the Hittys at Rose Cottage,

    We are so sorry that we have not had the time to write lately, but we are all getting changed into summer dresses and preparing to have our picture taken as a thank you to Hitty Madge, Ms. Lorraine and all the other Hittys for their kind letters, the beautiful Cherry Blossom painting, and for mentioning us in your wonderful blog. Marmee has also been busy and prefers to supervise our computer time, so we had to be like Hitty Patience and be patient.

    We are so glad that Hitty Madge got to have such a lovely day out at Ms. Dawn's beautiful home. We loved looking at the pictures of the lovely gardens and all the wonderful dolls and doll Marmees, and think that Ms. Dawn's place is rather like a fairy palace. It is just gorgeous! We think Hitty Madge's little bear friend is so cute! We are glad that she had a special friend to play with and talk to.

    The boys want us to tell Noel that his clothes are "really fly" too, like his brother's. Again, we think that means that they are really nice, in boy talk. They also think that his telescope is "rad," which means absolutely fabulous (again in boy talk), and they think that it is really "cool" that he is into astronomy. They wish that they had a great telescope like his.

    Welcome to Hitty Natalie Rose! Your dress and lacy pinafore are so very pretty, and we love your happy smile! We are sure that you will really enjoy living with the Hittys at Rose Cottage. They are the best Hitty family ever, and are very good at making new friends feel welcome. Natalie Rose is an absolutely lovely name. It sounds like a princess name to us.

    What a beautiful Rose Garden! We love roses, and the Garden of the Rose looks perfect! Our Marmee goes to St Alban's Anglican Church here in Pennsylvania. She has a picture of the Cathedral at St Alban's on her computer slide show, because she loves the History of the church and that it is supposedly built on or near the place where her church's namesake was martyred. We all think that you are very lucky to live near such a wonderful place, and if any of us ever get lucky enough to visit with your friend Henry, we hope that we can go see that beautiful town.

    Thank you all again for inviting us into your lives. We so love sharing the lives of the wonderful Rose Cottage Hittys, and look forward to every new post. All our love to all of you.

    The Girls of Fern Forest

    1. Just a quick reply for now as need to head out, but Henry has been to St Albans a few times and you can find his blog posts here...



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