Friday, 5 June 2015

A Pinafore or Two for a Tea Party Do

After hearing about the Quimper Hittys Pinafore Tea Party, Hitty Ethel set to work making some pinafores following the wonderful pattern on the Quimper Hitty Blog.

The instructions were thorough and easy to follow and it wasn't long before Hitty Ethel had made the first for Hitty Rimu.

She tries it on for size.

Pretty much perfect!

The back crosses over.

So pleased was Hitty Rimu with her new pinafore she asks Hitty Ethel if she could make another for her NZ Native Tree Sister, Hitty Moana.

Hitty Ethel was delighted to make another.

Soon it is ready for fitting.

Hitty Ethel adjusts the back straps after Hitty Moana has tried it on.

Two almost matching pinafores.

The girls are very pleased with their new pinafores.

Soon they are downstairs telling Hitty Jean all about the party.

I wonder how many more pinafores they will be able to convince Hitty Ethel to make?

Pinafores made from a re-purposed blouse.


  1. Beautiful pinafores! Love the idea of making them from a re-purposed blouse.
    Anne R

  2. They are terrific, I like the almost-matchingness of the two pinafores and the kauri girls seem to as well!

  3. You have chosen a lovely cross stitch pattern to have on the pinafore. They are lovely. I have just looked at the Quimper Hittys pinafore page and I am going to try and make some pinafores from handkerchiefs.


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