Thursday, 18 June 2015

A Cherry Blossom Painting Challenge.

Hitty Madge is always up for a painting challenge, and at the request of The Girls of Fern Forest, she thought she would give painting Japanese style Cherry Blossom a try.

She painted several, and decided to frame one of them.

Unfortunately it is difficult to see in this photo, so she will get the person to take another photo of it tomorrow.

Hitty Madge also realised she forgot to show her 'still live' she painted a few weeks ago.

Somehow though, she thinks she would rather stick to her boat scenes!

Updated especially for the Fern Forest girls...





  1. Dear Hitty Patience, Hitty Madge and all the Rose Cottage Hittys,

    Oh, my gosh! We were so excited when we checked your blog today and saw that you mentioned us in your post, and that Hitty Madge had painted that beautiful cherry blossom painting! Even the boys are excited. "She did? Really? She did? That is so cool!" The painting is so pretty, Hitty Madge! Thank you so much for painting it. We knew that it would be wonderful.

    Marmee says Thank you for "indulging" us, and that she knows that we really appreciated it. She's right, though we're not really sure what "indulging" means. We think it's something like ice-cream, and we LOVE ice-cream, just like we love Hitty Madge's pretty cherry blossom picture!

    Hitty Madge, we think that your still-life is very nice, even though we agree that your boats are beautiful. We love looking at all the pretty pictures in your art gallery, and think that you are super talented.

    Thank you again, Hitty Patience for mentioning us in your wonderful blog and Hitty Madge for painting a wonderful painting. We are really looking forward to reading your next post.

    You're the best Hittys ever!

    The Girls from Fern Forest

    1. You are welcome, and I have heard that Hitty Madge has done a couple of extra Cherry Tree Blossom paintings and she would love to send one to the Girls from Fern Forest if they would like one. Please send us an email and we can pop one in the post to you. Best wishes, Hitty Patience. She will pop the photos in this updated post so you can see them.

  2. Nice Cherry Blossoms - it is nice to see Madge "branching out" (ha ha) but we do love her seascapes!


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